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    The cards can be shuffled and dealt, while the hands can be evaluated. Csx Texas Holdem Poker can also present the cards in an hand by using separate image files.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    MadLibs allows you to easily add a madlibs game to your Web site.You can load the madlib stories in via the file system or a database. The stories are chosen at random, and a form will be shown to the user to fill in their own words.You can use a few css styles to control how things look (madlibTable, madlibTitle, ...
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    libdpserver establishes an UDP connection to a given Paintball 2 game server and can execute several types of requests. The game text color codes can also be striped or converted to HTML.Key Features of libdpserver:- Check if the game server is reachable and online- Send a ping to command to measure the server response time- Check if the server requires ...
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    Pages containing the game board, numbers and instructions are rendered. The One Hundred Game processes the user moves of the numbered pieces and checks when the game is finished.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Mine Checker implements a Web based version of the classic minesweeper game. It generates the game area layout of mines that is stored in bidimensional array. That array should be stored in a session variable so it can be reloaded after each game play turn.Mine Checker can process each game play turn given the coordinates of next position of the ...
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    Quake II .pak creator create .pak archive files for Quake II and other compatible game engines. It provides functions for adding the files and directories that will be included in the .pak archive.
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    Game Lines Class implements a Web based minesweeper online game. It initializes a bi-dimensional array that represents the game board. This array can be stored in a session variable so it is available in all pages for each game move. It generates an image to present mine field board in a Web page.Game Lines Class can process all game moves ...
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    A connection to the game server can be established and the class can authenticate on behalf of a specified user. Socketeer can monitor the game activity to detect eventual attacks. It can display game activity information on a Web page.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Team schedule maker can be used to generate the schedule of games that a set of teams play on a season.Team schedule maker takes a given number of times and assigns all games that they play with each other. Games are randomly picked in order to generate the complete season schedule.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Call of Duty 4 Server Status connects to a Call Of Duty 4 server and retrieves information about the game status. Game details such as the players, scores and pings get stored in class variables.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    San Andreas - Multiplayer Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multiplayer game servers to retrieve publicly available information.San Andreas - Multiplayer Server Query returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    Valve RCON can establish a TCP or UDP connection to a game server that supports the Source RCON protocol and authenticate as an authorized user.Commands can be sent to remote servers in order to control the games. Valve RCON is an updated version of the original class by the same author to use PHP 5 features and also support UDP ...
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    A list of competitors is used to generate a schedule of games, according to which the competitors will play each turn in rotation.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Poker Texas Hold'em Evaluation provides classes to create and manage cards and decks of cards. An array of cards can be evaluated by another class by assigning a score if they match a certain Texas Hold'em sequence.Poker Texas Hold'em Evaluation may also return the English name of the matched sequence like for instance "Flush of Diamonds - Queens high" or ...
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    A Golf Handicap can be use to record golf games played by multiple players in a MySQL database.A Golf Handicap generates Web forms for entering the results of each game, updates the database, calculate the handicap indexes and display the current ratings in an HTML table.
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