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    Top Games Script is a PHP Games Script includes more than 3600 flash games. It create your own flash games website in 10 minutes and earn money from advertising. Features of Top Games Script:- Easy to install- More than 3600 flash game included- 16 multiplayer game included- Advertising space- XML sitemap Installation:- Download the script file and extract it .- ...
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    Ask a question that has a Yes or No answer. Magical 8 Ball is very entertaining and humorous and will answer the question randomly with per-determined answers. You can change the answers to whatever you wish.
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    ezStats for PlayStation Network is a PHP-based leaderboard script for PlayStation Network (PSN) profiles. ezStats is the top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates and/or friends. Install, add clan members and/or friends and keep track of everybody's PlayStation gaming performances. Other ezStats versions:ezStats for Battlefield 3ezStats for Battlefield Bad Company ...
  4. Minecraft Avatar
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    Minecraft Avatar is a simple PHP script for creating a random Minecraft avatar and the script creates a 8x8 px avatar based on the user's skin and other Minecraft details. Features of Minecraft Avatar:- Default avatar in case the username does not exist- Can be resized at any size from 8 to 250 pixels- The image is stored in base64 ...
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    XBOX Last Seen Widget is a PHP badge shows a person's last activity on the XBOX network. Does not use the XBOX network API, but scrapes all data from the publicly available gamer card found at: Features of XBOX Last Seen Widget:- Fetch username- Fetch icon of last played game- Fetch name of last played game- Fetch reputation- Fetch ...
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    ezStats for Medal of Honor is a PHP-based leaderboard script for Medal of Honor gamers. It is the top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates. Install, add clan members and close friends and keep track of everybody's performances. ezStats is also available for the following games:Battlefield 3Battlefield Bad Company 2 ...
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    Minecraft Server Status is a PHP function for sniffing a Minecraft server's status. It can be used to query a server's IP for it's status (live, dead), the number of slots and the number of active players currently online. Limitations:- Assumes the server's default port is 25565. Need to pass the port value if different.
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    Players compete to build a strong nation in a real world map, using diplomacy, economy, military power.The unique with earthlead is that any webmaster can run his own site, but players have competitors instantly since all game sites are interconnected. PHP developers and designers can change the original files and give to their players a new game experience and functionality. ...
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    Active Collab script is a PHP script for the ActiveCollab service. Each method is documented with PHPDoc and inline comments. The script allows developers to communicate with an ActiveCollab-instance. Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Implemented new code-styling.
  10. phpFFL
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    phpFFL is a free and fully customizable online Fantasy Football League Manager with a live(ajax) draft module. It is a web based application which uses php & MySQL. League Admin & Individual Team Admin is all handled through the phpFFL web interface. Features included in phpFFL:- Live Draft Module based on Ajax with autodraft capability.- Default player rank and ability ...
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    VSP Stats is a game statistics tracker written in PHP and MySQL. It basically parses multiplayer game log files, records details to a database and presents it nicely to users and gamers. If errors are popping in the resulted pages, update ADOdb to the most recent version. Features of VSP Stats:Supported games:- Call Of Duty 1 & Call ofDuty: United ...
  12. Minecraft Class
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    Minecraft script is a PHP script for interacting with Minecraft servers. It contains useful functions for integrating a PHP app with Minecraft data.Features of Minecraft Class:- Login user- Get user skin- Render skin- Check if user is premium- Special function to keep session aliveWhat's New in This Version:- The custom_skin variable was renamed to player_skin in the signin function.- The ...
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    Wowhead-API is a PHP library for working with WoW data found on Wowhead. It is a service for retrieving statistical data about WoW (World of Warcraft). Because Wowhead does not provide an API (in the real meaning of the work), the library parses Wowhead pages and retrieves desired data. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
  14. VN Squares
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    Are you ready for championship football? With VN Squares this free scripts, you can start running an NFL Super Bowl Squares for your office or group of friend in just a few minutes, provided that you have some good knowledge and access to PHP and MySQL. It's the paperless way to have fun with the traditional superbowl squares. Features of ...
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    PsychoStats is a PHP script for tracking individual game statistics via log files. Just point the script to a server's log file and it will record, count and summarize a player, clan and server's most important stats. Features of PsychoStats:- Clan rankings- Awards- Individual player details- Rounds tracking- Weapon details- Server management- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Add-ons- Themes- Helper scripts- ...
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