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    Amazon s3 supports direct upload from browser without need of your web server to copy file over S3. This gives large benefit in saving bandwidth and eliminates upload restrictions imposed by your hosting providers esp "shared hosting". But one disadvantage is S3 does not provide any capability of server side processing to handle upload progress,failure cases etc..if you are using ...
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    This PHP script that allows to insert swf file or movie flash into web page. It generates HTML for embedding a Flash movie with a given URL, width and height.In case Flash support is disabled in the user browser, a given image can be displayed instead of the movie.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
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    Phpgamescenter allows webmasters to open a flash arcade site in few minutes, using wizard and installer. It's a open-source fork of the actual commercial script RGameScript.It's a script that allows webmasters to open a flash arcade site in few minutes, using wizard and installer. It supports Search Engine Friendly Urls, comments system, tell-A-Friend, TOP 10, membership, multi-languages and much more. ...
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    This is a soothing flash & php based guestbook. It uses flat text file database to store entries instead of MySQL. This guestbook loads the newest entries first and loads 10 entries per pages. It has a very nice flash interface with advanced form validation. Besides signers can format their entries as just they like. It shows help message to ...
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    QOpenFlash can generate HTML and Javascript to embed the Open Flash movie in a Web page and configure it to render several types of graphical charts. The script supports presenting different types of charts such as area charts, bar charts, pie charts, scattered dot charts, etc.. Details such as the chart labels, axis, colors, offset positions can be defined. Requirements: ...
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    URLs of images or Flash banners and their click target can be added to a list with the script Random Banner. Random Banner picks one of the banners randomly and generates the necessary HTML to display the banner in a Web page. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GOOX_SWFOBJECT uses the SWFObject 2 Javascript library to embed Flash players without depending on the Web browser.GOOX_SWFOBJECT generates HTML with the necessary Javascript to load the Flash player object calling the SWFObject Javascript class.Parameters, such as width, height, page element identifier of Flash variables, can be configured.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Values that define the Flash movie, including its URL, are taken as parameters. The main class generates HTML tags to embed the specified Flash movie with its parameters in any Web page.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP Flash SlideShow is capable of creating a simple Flash animation to present an image slideshow from sequences of JPEG images.PHP Flash SlideShow lets you add the slideshow images, configure the time interval between the presentation of two images and the presentation background color.It requires the Ming PHP extension to generate the Flash animations.
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    QSWFObject can be used as a wrapper around SWFObject Javascript libraries to load Flash movies. It generates the necessary Javascript and HTML to load Flash movies without depending on the underlying browser type.QSWFObject can configure several types of Flash movie parameters such as the width, height, URL, quality, background color, etc..Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Flash Photo Gallery features a mouse sensitive scrolling effect for thumbnails.
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    SWF header parser is meant to parse the header of Shockwave Flash animation files (.swf) to extract metadata information like the width and height of animation, compression status and uncompressed size, frame rate and total number of frames.SWF header parser parses Flash files using only PHP code, so no special extension is necessary. Supports both, compressed and uncompressed SWF Flash ...
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    Snap IT will help to put image and flash(.swf) on your page, so you can make a content updater that enable you to upload image or flash file and display them properly.
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    flashPash is a client/server database tool designed to allow applications to easily retrieve and update information across the internet. The primary use is with Flash/Shockwave clients.Several types of databases are supported using ADOdb abstraction library. In a nutshell, by keeping a small amount of metadata in the Shockwave Flash client, flashPash is able to automatically generate SQL queries on the ...
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    PHPObject is an open source alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers. With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class or library on your web server as if it was defined in Flash itself.PHPObject takes care of your client-server connections and makes passing of variables (properties) between Flash MX and PHP easy, and thereby providing a convenient ...
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