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Free and open source PHP Financial Tools Scripts. You can find Mortgage and loan Calculators, stock quotes, currency Exchange Rate and more about Financial Tools.
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    stocks allows you to get stock quotes information from Yahoo server. It is useful for Webmasters who want to have stocks information on their web pages.
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    Yahoo Developer can be used to retrieve company stock quotes from Yahoo Finance site. It retrieves the list of a stock quotes of a given company in CSV format and parses that information to display in an HTML page.Right now the class just provides access to Yahoo Stock Quotes service. More features will be added to this class in the ...
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    RIBA standard CBI can be used to generate data records based on RIBA CBI standard used by italian banking applications.
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    PMC_IBAN computes International Banking Account Numbers (IBAN) as specified in the ISO 13616 standard. The IBAN is needed for transactions within the European Union since 1.7.2003.
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    BNR official rates accesses the site of the national bank of Romania to retrieve a XML file with the exchange rates between the Romanian currency and other currencies.BNR official rates returns an associative array with entries that associate each currency symbol name to the exchange rate value against the Romanian currency.BNR official rates can also convert the currency symbol into ...
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    Feeds from currencysource are parsed to retrieve the rates used to convert from a currency to others.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Features of Exchange Rate Currency Calculator:- Convert to and from all currencies. - Customizable and easy to use. - No database required. - No installation required.
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    Simple Invoicing is a web application written in PHP that can be used for simple invoicing needs. Most of the code of Invoicing was automatically generated by AppGini.To use Simple Invoicing, define your clients, then go to the Invoices page to add a new invoice, define its details, and voila! Your new invoice is ready for printing.
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    FREE Simple to use Online invoice system ! It has PayPal support option.Features of PHP Online Invoice System:- Secure Admin section plus Client login section.- Add as many clients as needed.- Add as many invoices for each customer as needed. - Invoices self total the inputted data.- You can search through customers or invoices for keywords. - Keeps track of ...
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    BugInvoicing is a 100% Web-based solution for managing the sales process. Doesn't require any installation of client or server software. BugInvoicing Web Based Billing System provides a secure, web based statement presentment and payment processing system that will provide you and your customers online access to your accounts. You can easily add or delete accounts, view payment histories, and print ...
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    Free Real Estate Mortgage Calculator With Charts is a script that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more that can be used to figure out monthly payments and amortization of a home mortgage loan. A Mortgage Summary reveals the total number and value of repayments, while a pie chart shows the percentage of repayments that will go towards ...
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    cuaderno19 can be used to receipt files according to the Spanish laws. This class make Cuaderno 19 file needed to recive payments by client's bank account.Limitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Czech Course can be used to get the conversion rates between the Czech currency and other currencies. It retrieves a XML document with the conversion rates for a given date from the CNB bank site.Czech Course parses the retrieved XML document and finds the conversion rate between the Czech currency to another given currency.
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    Cash flow rules the success or failure of a small business. There are a limited number of affordable tools out there to help businesses predict at what point their business will be financially successful. The Small Business Break-Even Analyzer takes some key measurements from a business plan and outputs an east-to-read table that tells the user at what point their ...
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    Stock Quoter allows you to display stock quotes (20 minute delay) and intraday charts in any PHP page on your website. Super easy to install - just upload to any directory and it runs stand-alone. Use a PHP include statement or paste the code directly to display as part of an existing PHP page. Separate config file lets you control ...
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