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    hrwsBLZ can create and initialize a database table to insert or query german bank identification codes. Now you can also verify accountnumbers matching a given bank identification code. The "Deutsche Bundesbank" provides formatted datafiles with all valid german bank identification codes. With this class, you can import these files and use it for payment data validation.
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    The class Paypal Payment Data Transfers can be used to retrieve and process Paypal payment details with PDT. It can process the request arguments when an user is redirected from Paypal back to the seller site. Paypal Payment Data Transfers picks the transaction details for further validation. The transaction finalization should be customized by a sub-class provided by the seller ...
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    FW Real Estate is the Real Estate Joomla Program. Fast Web Real Estate (FW Real Estate) software for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.5 native extension is your complete real estate listing solution. FW Real Estate component is the most efficient and professionally coded component for listing properties on your web site. Main goal of script FW Reals Estate was to ...
  4. Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator
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    Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator is just a script that help you to convert one currency to another in Ajax request. Easy to use, have a try now! Features of Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator:- Convert to and from all currencies.- Customizable and easy to use.- No database required.- No installation required.- Ajax Updates, No reload ...
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    The Compound Interest Calculator Script starts a simple form which asks users for a balance and interest rate, when the user clicks 'calculate' the script returns a chart showing the compound interest being charged at periodic time intervals.
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    HTTP requests can be sent to the TransFirst Web services service in order to verify a given credit card and settle a specified payment with TransFirst Payment Class.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HSBC can generate a page that automatically submits a form with some hidden fields to verify a payer passing his credit card details, payment amount and currency, and the URL of the return page.A request can be sent to the HSBC Web services API with the details of the verified payment and it can be determined if the payment was ...
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    Currency Converter sends an HTTP request to retrieve a Google search page that shows the results of conversion given money amount between two currencies.The retrieved page is parsed and the converted amount value is returned.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Analizador Montos can take a number of a given money amount of up to one thousand millions and returns words that spell that amount in Spanish.Spelling amounts in Pesetas, Pesos and Dollars, is supported.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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    CurrencyConvert is a simple PHP Class that's easy to incorporate into your scripts to provide online currency conversion.It obtains prices in real time from the Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter. You can convert between any two of the large number of currencies supported by Yahoo! and the Class provides a list of currency symbols and names to make it easy to ...
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    Loan Payment Calculator is a web-based mortgage calculator using Microsoft Silverlight.This client-side application allows site visitors to determine mortgage payments and compare financing options easily right on the web page. No additional web pages are needed to make the program work, plus the program's flexible functionality makes it usable through a server or on a desktop.Calculations are made instantly by ...
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    Google Currency Conversion accesses Google submitting a query using the desired target currencies.The script parses the search results page to obtain the current exchange rate between the currencies and then multiplies the given amount in the original currency to determine how much it is worth in the target currency.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    The DOTS FastTax Web service API is accessed and HTTP SOAP requests are sent to retrieve tax information for an US or Canada jurisdiction, based on the specified postal code. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The transaction message type indicator and card transaction details can be passed as parameters. Then it generates a transaction message that is returned as a string. JAK can also do the opposite, i.e. take a string with a transaction message and parse it to get the message type indicator, the bitmap of types of transaction details contained in the message, ...
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    Paypal Pro Payment Integration can send HTTP request to the Paypal API Web servers to execute a given API operation passing a list of name and value pairs. It can also send requests to the sandbox API web servers. The response name value pairs are returned as an associative array. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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