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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    The class Splitter can split the contents of a text file to extract the values of its lines and columns. Splitter can also split the values of a line using a configurable character as column delimiter. The split values are returned in abidimensional array.
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    Directory Handler can be used to rename, copy or delete directories. It can traverse a given directory recursively and copy its files and sub-directories to a given destination directory. The class Directory Handler may also delete a given directory by deleting its contents first. It can also rename a directory by copying its contents to a new directory with the ...
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    ClassDirectory is a script meant for creating and accessing file system directories. Features of ClassDirectory:- Creating directories- Delete directories- Get absolute path- Output the directory listing tree
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    The script DBX Parser is capable of opening and parsing database files generated by Outlook 5 and 6. DBX Parser can extract the e-mail messages and save them into the Internet e-mail format. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Remove Directory is a specified directory is traversed recursively and all files or sub-directories found within are deleted. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    CacheManager can be used to cache arbitrary data in files. It can check if the cache with a certain key already exists. If it exists and it is not expired, it can return the cached data. Otherwise it can store newly generated data in a cache file with the given key. The script CacheManager can be configured to set the ...
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    TextIndexer is the Indexer separated in two parts: the indexing mechanism and the searching mechanism. The indexing mechanism is able to generate a text index. You put some text fields with a unique id into the indexer. The searching mechanism returns text clippings with the unique id to identify the origin. It is intended for searching text content in database ...
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    Advanced file upload and ajax upload is the PHP script found with the package can check if the uploaded files have one of the allowed file name extensions and MIME types, and does not exceed the allowed file limits. All photos are opened to verify they really contain image data of the determined format. The script has write permissions and ...
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    UploadClass can take the $_FILES array with uploaded files data and validate it to check if file size are within allowed limits, if the MIME type and the file name extension is one of the accepted. After validation, the uploaded files can be moved to a given destination directory. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher What's New in This Release UploadClass:- ...
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    Image Gallery with auto-scan is an Image Gallery for PHP (v4 and up). It scans the target dir automatically. Sub-dirs can be included. Thumbnails will be created in custom sizes. Supports png, gif and jpg. Number of pics per page and number of pics per row can be adapted. Can handle large files, by creating the thumbnails of small copies ...
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    The script Display code can be configured to parse a directory and display all source code files with names that have one of a given list of file name extensions. The PHP code files are highlighted according to the PHP syntax. The script may also generate a table of contents to display links to the page section that list the ...
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    Crutch Cache was designed to open a given cache file and retrieve values of variables if the file exists on the HDD. An arbitrary number of variable values can be set, which are saved to the cache file as a serialized array when the object is destructed. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    HTML 5 video and audio converter class is used to convert uploaded files. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    CNCat Free Edition is intended for creating web-resources and articles directory. Now you can manage your web directories more easily and more efficiently! Functions of CNCat Free Edition:- Create and manage a directory of links and articles;- Use categories with unlimited nesting, cross-categories and filters;- Automatically check links efficiency and backward links availability (CRON also);- Let users comment and rate ...
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    EzBackup - Website Backup System is believed to be one of the most complete and easy to use website backup systems available anywhere! Designed for real-life use... Not filled with so many features and hard to use functions that no one ever figures out how to use it... After all, what good is a website backup system if no one ...
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