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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    Uakari Earth is a next generation HTML5 Binary File Uploader script. Requires HTML5 browser File Reader API. Features drag and drop or select multiple files
  2. FileGrep
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    This PHP script wraps the Linux/UNIX grep command for performing file searches. It can be used to locate files on an *NIX filesystem.The code is very well commented and provides all the details needed to understand how the script works and how it needs to be used.
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    index0r is the ultimate directory indexer and file browsing script that you can include on just about any page or be just a directory index. Features include thumbnails, sorting, directory sizes and contents, file types, et cetera.
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    This is a PHP application to convert Work-like file formats into XML. It takes formats such as MS-Word .DOC and OpenOffice .ODT, parses them and exports the content into XML-based publishing layout formats.It provides the ability to edit document metadata such as the list of authors, as well as robust citation editing, checking and correction.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher- MySQL ...
  5. PhpIndex Light
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    PhpIndex Light is a PHP disk file browsing utility. Point it to a web directory and it will allow visitors to explore the disk using an intuitive GUI.Features of PhpIndex Light:- Easy to install and use- Easy to customize- Very fast- Very low memory usage- Valid XHTML- Fully SEO optimizedRequirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Apache mod_rewrite enabledWhat's New in this ...
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    This is a useful script whenever a web-based folder structure is needed. It is a PHP based web file manager.Features of WFiles:User Area Features:- Functions can be limited by the administrator authorizations assigned to groups or users.- Navigation folders and search files/folders features;- Visualization of information about files or folders (last access date, last modification date, size, file type);- Create, ...
  7. PHP File Upload Script
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    This simple manipulation script allows you to upload files from your systme to any browsers. You can also restrict file types and size, whenever you upload.Features of File Upload script:- Using this script you can also upload files like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF.- This manipulation script sets the default file type as text.- And set file size less than 4000.- ...
  8. Web 2.0 File Manager
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    This is a PHP web-based file manager, with mutli file operations, multi file upload, archiving/unarchiving utilities, etc. This application does not required a database and uses Ajax on the client side and PHP on the server side to work with files. In the root directory you will find conf.php that has basic configuration what directories it is going to allow ...
  9. getdisk
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    This is a PHP script for getiing disk space usage statistics in the PHP console. The script works cross-platform and can be used to retrieve information about the current Hard Drive Disk Total, Used and Free Space.Check the source code for usage instructions. On windows, to work, place the script in the same folder as the PHP interpreter.
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    Advanced FileUpper Script is a file hosting script. It is an upload and download script that allows your customers to upload large file on your server and share them with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, etc.The script has installed a live support for customers control panel for adminstrator and members! Live support is easy to use and ...
  11. pDownload
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    pDownload is an eay-to-use PHP framework for displaying files on a Webserver, you can use it as Download-Center for your visitors or as a Dirlising-Script.
  12. Encode Explorer
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    Encode Explorer is a file browser written in PHP, XHTML and CSS. It displays the list of files in a folder, It was desiged to be used in safe mode and so it is kept simple and functional. Free for everyone.Features of Encode Explorer:- Files can be sorted by name, size and editing time- You can move in folders- Thumbnails ...
  13. Filemanager
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    This is a PHP script can be used to manage files and directories on your webserver or any FTP server. You can create, rename, move and delete directories, upload, download, edit, rename, move, copy, delete and search files, and change file and directory permission. It's also possible to play audio/video files and view preview thumbnails of images.FileManager can be used ...
  14. pfpFileTree
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    This is a PHP script that can manipulates files in directories recursively.It can traverse a given directory recursively and match files that satisfy given filter conditions based on the file names, size, modification time, permissions, etc..The script may call given callback functions to perform custom operations on the matched files defined by the applications.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  15. File MIME Script
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    This script can be used to determine the MIME type from a file name extension and vice-versa. It can take a given file name extension and return the associated MIME types.The script can also do the opposite, i.e. determine the file name extension associated to a given MIME type.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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