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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    XUpload classes lets you manage your file uploads very quickly and easily. View the use example in the bottom of the script. Also included a XUploadForm class for upload forms management too.Features of XUpload classes:- Multiple uploads easily with multiple instances- Lets you choose the upload dir (does not check perms)- Lets you overwrite file if exists- Lets you set ...
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    Another directory list class, Yet another directory list class.
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    With FileManipulation, you can easily access text files (read/write). Get the X Line of a text file. write after line x in the file. Return lines containing "foorbar" (with regex). Replace a line.
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    myFat implements a virtual file system based on two MySQL tables. You can store any kind of data (music, images, anything) in these MySQL tables.myFat implements functions for listing files, saving files uploaded from forms, deleting files and outputing files for downloads.
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    NDL is a class that gives you total control over the process of downloading files from your server by hiding the actual file location.Using different rules (based on IP, browser or download manager, http referrer, number of simultaneous connections, authorization status) you can grant or deny permission to download files.Besides, you can also gather statistics on the following:- download manager- ...
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    PHP Cron Parser can be used to parse cron tab files to retrieve job schedules.The idea is to provide an alternative solution for scheduling tasks when it is not to use the cron program usually available and Unix/Linux systems.PHP Cron Parser accept the standard crontab format, including comma separated and range values. It can calculate the next time a scheduled ...
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    File Split is meant to split big text files in multiple parts with limited number of lines. It may be useful for splitting text log files.File Split uses three parameters : the name of the file to split, the path of the split file parts, and the limit of lines per file.
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    CSV file db provides simple access to csv files and let you easy navigate through the tabel. You should only access one of the following functions and variables.Variables:$index // Index in File, DO NOT CHANGE$limiter // The CVS Limiter, usually ";"$filename // The filename of the cvs file$record = array() // The actual record$EOF // True if End of File$BOF ...
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    Navigator is meant to browse a given server file system directory.Navigator can also perform several types of manipulations of the directory files:- Change permissions- Retrieve the total size of all the directory files- Create new files or sub-directories- Remove files or directories
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    Class Packager can generate archives that pack the information of given directories and files into one file as installer. The generated output is PHP script that contains class that can extract the packed directories and files.
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    CSVReader is a class that can be used to parse CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. The class can also handle CSV files uploaded to a Web server using forms.The parsed files can be outputted as an HTML table.Note: Class is for Beginners
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    WGetAgent can download files from remote sites using the wget program usually available on Linux/Unix systems. The class can call the wget program to start the download of a file into a given directory. Optionally it may limit the download rate.When the download is started, WGetAgent can call an given method of another class to pass the download session details ...
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    MS files converter converts any document, that can be read by MS Word, to another format supported by Word.Converts extensions from/to: doc,dot,txt,rtf,htm,html,asc,wri,wps... It is designed only for Windows as it uses COM.
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    FileDB class allows you to easily store, display and send files from a database. It has a built-in hit counter and stores information of last edition, upload, etc..This class uses my db abstraction layer, AbstractDB which allows a unified and easy access to databases, which you can see in this class.CONSTRUCTOR:function FileDB(&$db, $host, $database, $user, $password)FUNCTIONS:function add($file_name, $file_descr = '')function ...
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    Rename is a simple class that can be used to rename all files in a directory.It can traverse a given directory and rename all files to have the same prefix followed by a number and the original file name extension.
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