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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    Edit File Tags can be used to replace tags in file with new values. It can open a file and retrieve the list of all the tags enclosed within given start and end delimiter characters.Edit File Tags can also traverse the file and replace the tags with new values. The start and end tag delimiter characters are configurable.
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    Turnkey software solution to organize free file host service. Simple yet very effective AJAX/Flash-powered interface with multi-file upload, upload progress indicator, automated social bookmarking buttons creation. Software has some advanced features like download speed limit, multi-threaded download, download resume support. Hotlink protection built-in. No MySQL support needed.
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    Idut Backup is a file and database backup system. Idut Backup is powerful yet easy to use and simple to setup. Written in PHP, you can backup and restore physical files and MySQL tables.
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    The main goal of Easy PHP file uploader is to provide a user friendly web-based interface for handling file uploads. Features of Easy PHP file uploader:- arbitrary number of files can be uploaded (one by one), - Ajax user interface, - valid HTML code, - unobtrusive JavaScript code, - multiple file upload (optional).
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    Enables you to browse a folder on the web like Windows Explorer. GaMerZ File Explorer has the ability to search for folders and files too. Demo:
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    File class provides an API for common file routines. Method list:- readAll()- read()- write()- readChar()- writeChar()- readLine()- writeLine()- buildPath()- stripTrailingSeparators()- stripLeadingSeparators()- skipRoot()- getTempDir()- getTempFile()- isAbsolute()
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    Provided by: American Financing. eMail PDF Upload Form v2.0, is a simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy to use upload method. Their PDF will be stored onto your server / directory and forward you and the client an email with the link to the PDF ...
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    Manipulate, read or write files provides several classes to access and manipulate files.These classes can perform several types of operations like: creating, deleting, check if exist files and directories, get the size of a file, list files in a directory.IMPORTANT:Requires the PEAR File package
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    myFtPhp is a free filemanager written in php. It can upload, download, rename, delete, edit, view files and show directories in a tree structure or as a thumbnail gallery. myFtPhp supports multiple users with personal home directory, language and color theme. Further it uses famfamfam icon library.
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    GzOutput can be used to serve one or more files compressing them if the user browser supports compression. It can serve one or more files in the same request. If the files are Javascript or CSS, they can be processed first to remove needless comments and white space.If the browser supports compression, GzOutput may compress the files data before serving ...
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    BytesFall ShapeFiles is a PHP library that allows reading and editing of an ESRI ShapeFile and all the associated information.
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    Filebase classes can be used to retrieve information about the current Web server setup.Filebase classes can determine the server machine OS, the Web server document root path, the current script path, and the PHP include path.
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    ES Simple Uploader is a very small and simple non-MySql password protected file upload script. You can select upload dir, set its password and upload file. No need any tools or databases. ES Simple Uploader is a PHP based file upload management system created for webmasters to allow users easy to upload files to your website.
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    File Reader and Writer Abstraction provides several classes to access and manipulate files.These classes can perform several types of operations like: creating, deleting, check if exist files and directories, get the size of a file, list files in a directory.
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    dir_list provides the ability to browse your local hard drives and select a file. This module is "included" in your program and returns the full path of the selected file. I searched around for a module to do this and I couldn't find one so this little utility module was born. It's pretty simple and straight-forward. Unfortunately, you don't consistently ...
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