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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    The directory files can be viewed or downloaded.
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    Category Tree can generate an HTML table with a tree of links to an hierarchical list of items retrieved from MySQL dabatase tables.Category Tree can used to generate hierarchical navigation menus to browse categories of products to display in a site.
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    Files can be added, changed, removed or described.The listing of the managed files is stored in a file named .ht_files that is located in each of the managed directories. It contains the file names and the respective descriptions.
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    The file base class can open text or binary files for reading or writing. File class can also obtain the file size, owner user and group, the file name and suffix, set or retrieve the read or write position, write data or copy to another file.A sub-class is used to open the upload temporary file so that the functions of ...
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    Simple Secure Upload executes several tests on the uploaded files and the upload directory to validate and secure the upload. The file name extension, file type, size and directory permissions can be checked.Simple Secure Upload may also create the uploading directory structure, generate a unique random name for the uploaded file, upload multiples files, and keep track of the upload ...
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    File cache class can cache arbitrary data in files in order to reduce the time necessary to regenerate pages or other types of data that does not change every time it is requested.Features of File cache class:- Safe locking of cache files to avoid data corruption caused by simultaneous accesses during cache file updates.- Portable locking schemes. Tested under Linux, ...
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    When the directories are parsed, the files are returned recursively.
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    From Browser - Youtube Upload makes use of the YouTube Web services API to create an entry for a new video upload.From Browser - Youtube Upload retrieves the just created video entry identifier and an URL to generate Web forms that upload the video to YouTube site directly, i.e. without going to the original site that presented the video upload ...
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    The Subversion SVN client is used to access local and remote repositories and perform various operations.Key Features of Subversion::Dynamix:- Create a repository- Retrieve repository information- Checkout a local repository to a given local directory- Add, update, rename and delete files or directories- Retrieve information about files in a given repository directoryRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    xTem Upload supports file uploading handling, renaming and deleting. It can also be used to generate image thumbnail for JPEG files, if the GD library is available.
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    Multiple file upload can check the uploaded files and validate their sizes and types so they conform to the configured size limits and allowed file types.The total number of uploaded files accepted can also be restricted.If all uploaded files satisfy the validation requirements, Multiple file upload may move the files to a given directory and fix the file permissions.
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    Download file class has simple interface to download any file from a server without displaying the location of the file.
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    Create ZIP File can create ZIP archives from lists of files. It provides means to add individual files or whole directories to the list of files packed into a ZIP archive. The class can generate the packed archive as a string value.Create ZIP File can also output the necessary request response headers to serve the generated ZIP archive for download. ...
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    A path string, an optional path start prefix and a directory separator character is passed as argument.Path can append path directories or file names, return the directory and base names of the path, and change separate parts of the path.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Image File Browser can be used to let the user browse and pick images stored in the server. It uses an AJAX based user interface to avoid page reloading when the browsing display is updated.Required external javascripts: prototype.js, scriptaculous library (scriptaculous.js,unittest.js,effects.js).
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