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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    Download file serving is meant to serve files for download via an PHP script.Download file serving can analyse a given file stored on the server and make the current PHP script issue the necessary headers like content-length: and content-type: so the client browser can handle it as a normal download as if the was served as static file access.
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    A list of files located in a specified directory can be retrieved into an array, along with details about them such as names, sizes, last access date, last modified date, etc.Key Features of Directory and file info:- Optionally traverse the given directory recursively to list files contained in sub-directories- Filter the listing by file name extension, MIME type, last modified ...
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    class upload file takes the parameters passed to PHP scripts about the file, type and name of uploaded files and checks whether file name extension is one of the accepted file types.The uploaded file can also be moved to a specified directory. If the uploaded file is an image, class upload file may also generate a thumbnail image.Requirements: PHP 4.0 ...
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    Client web browsers recognize headers and mime type and offer to either save the file to disk or open it using a locally available application.The files exceeding a specified size limit can be automatically compressed before being served for download.
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    mhtml parses a MIME HTML archive and extracts the contained files to a folder.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The different lines in a HTML table can also be displayed, by highlighting the changes.
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    Several iteration classes, that can retrieve the listing of a specified directory recursively, are provided. The iterators can retrieve the directory entries with different levels of detail and perform different types of entry filtering.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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    Hybrid Upload Class performs basic error checking to the file size and file name extension. If if the uploaded files are correct, it processes the files by moving them to a given upload directory.Multiple file uploads are supported.
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    Example scripts with a Web interface for managing uploaded files, are included.
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    Class Loader can be used to locate and load class files from directories defined in a list of paths. It provide a way to write PHP scripts that use classes without knowing in advance where the class files are located.Class Loader can take a list of directories where to search the class files. Then it can search for given files ...
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    File Manager is a web-based GUI for browsing file structures. It can be used to manage and share files with other users in a web-based environment. Features of File Manager:- Admin interface- User permissions- User groups- Upload and delete files and folders through the GUI- Documentation
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    Arvore Pastas retrieves the listing of files in a given directory and displays it as a list with HTML links to pages of the the sub-directory listings.Arvore Pastas treverses the directories recursively up to a specified depth level.Limitations: The code and comments are in Portuguese
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    The php-downloader has a simple architecture. All you has to do is to set the file param and the method, you´d like to offer as download (plain, zip, tar.gz) and the php-downloader offers you a download.
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    HTTP Upload can be used to handle files that are uploaded to a server via Web forms.Features of HTTP Upload:- It supports applying upload filters to restrict the files that are accepted according to configurable criteria like: file name extension, MIME type, file size, width and height in case the files are images.- It also supports handling uploads of multiple ...
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    File Browser class can be used to browse files available on the serve side using a Web interface. It lets the users browser directories below a given root directory. The users may click on links to browse any sub-directory below the root directory.File Browser class generates an HTML listing of all files and folders in the currently browsed directory. It ...
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