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Free and open source PHP File Manipulation Scripts. These category contains Download Systems, File Backup, Upload System, File Management and something more about File Manipulation.
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    Several types of operations can be performed on files and directories.Key Features of File Manager System:- List and retrieve information of files and sub-directories of a given directory sorted by several types of parameters- Remove files and directories from a list- Search for files and directories by name- Create, rename and delete directories- Create, rename, move, copy, delete, upload and ...
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    EPSDownload can take the name of server side file or a string of data to generate the necessary HTTP response headers to serve the data as a download.The content type, description and cache control can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Extension Info can associate an icon image to files of a known type. 40 file type extensions can be recognized by using the file name extension.
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    IO Tools starts by checking if a file exists on not.Key Features of IO Tools:- Filter file names to remove invalid characters- List directory files that match a file name pattern- Retrieve information about files- Remove a directory and its files recursively- Remove all directory files that match a file name pattern- Synchronize the files of two directories recursively- Store ...
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    The uploaded image files can be previewed. class UpLoad also provides some error control.
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    Downloader can be used to serve files for download and keep track of who downloaded each file in a log file. It can prompt the user to enter his first name, last name e-mail address in the form.These details are stored in cookies so it is not necessary to prompt the user again in future downloads.Once the user has entered ...
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    HTML and JavaScript code necessary to display a nested tree of folders with links inside them, is generated. Each link can have its own icon, title and URL.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Files can be locked, opened and released after user.
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    class.file.php handles all actions that could be executed with a file (upload, download, write, read...) and provides access to all of its characteristics (size, type, extension, owner...).
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    file2menu can traverse recursively a given directory under the site document root and retrieve the list of files contained in the directory and any sub-directories that match a list of accepted file name extensions.HTML code, used for displaying the list of files as menu links is generated. The menu can also be saved to a given file.
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    SQL 2 PDF Report can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of MySQL database queries. It can execute one or more given queries and generate dump the results as HTML tables to a temporary page file.The PDF document is generated by calling a remote Web service that fetches the generated HTML page and convert it to ...
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    Mht File Maker is meant to build MHT MIME archives from lists of files.MHT archives are files defined according to the MIME standards to include several files usually related with an HTML page that is suitable to send by e-mail.Mht File Maker can take a list of files and generate an MHT archive that can be stored in a given ...
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    This package can be used to cache data in files or other types of containers. There is a factory class that manages driver classes that implement the access the actual access to cache containers.The driver classes can store arbitrary data in containers given a cache data identifier and cache group name. Cached data may also be retrieved or removed explicitly.Currently ...
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    The selection of files and folder can be reduced by specifying a list of parameters.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    file system browser can be used to check the security on web servers. When files are readable by the web server, they are displayed. This script is not limited to $DOCUMENT_ROOT and below. This will browse the entire file system (again, not in safe mode).
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