PHP Error Handling

Free and open source Error Handling Scripts. Some useful method for your site to get errors in time easily, such as 404 page.
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    MoxieLogger is contained in one PHP class but it still has some powerful features to log error and debug messages.Key Features of MoxieLogger:- Log levels.- Log rotation.- Message format configuration.- File name format configuration.
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    The user can even select which errors to show or not.Key Features of PHP ErrorHandler:- Complete, Readable, Secure Error Backtrace- Ignoring of unwanted Errors(you can develop with E_STRICT, and dont need to @ all library calls)- Can halt the execution after the first Error, preventing database corruption/data-loss- Read current errors in your RSS Reader- Have a full backtrace in your ...
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    RSS Error can be used to generate RSS feeds from PHP error logs. It extends the EasyRSS class written by Paulius Lescinskas and generates an RSS 2.0 feed from the lines of a PHP error log file.The access to the generated RSS feed can be protected with a password. The feed items URL link to respective line or error source ...
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    Log Manager can be used to log activity to a file or the system logger. It can create a given log file if it does not exist and append new log messages.Log Manager can also open a connection to the system logger and send log messages with a given log level.
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    RS Error can be used to handle PHP or PEAR triggered errors.RS Error can either display the error messages or append the messages to a log file. The PHP error codes can be displayed in a more human readable format.
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    MM::CLog can be used to log and display error messages in popup browser windows. The error messages are defined by objects of the error class or derived classes.The base error message texts can be internationalized. Those texts are retrieved with an external locale message class.
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    Logfiles and logrecords handles log files with a limit size and makes a backup of theold logfile if its limit size is reached.A timer can be used to log how long the procedure took to finish. With this class it is very easy to simultaneously write more than one logfile.
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    xError is a generic error reporting and handling class. It may be used for debugging and/or monitoring purposes. The basic concept is to define as many errors as needed for the application. These errors may be declared as 'fatal' or 'non-fatal' errors.Whenever an error is encountered during the execution of the program, xError checks whether it is classified as 'fatal' ...
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    Error Handler classes is meant to assist in debugging of PHP scripts by handling execution errors outputing formatted error context information.Error Handler classes includes utitilty functions to show the source code where the errors appear.
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    ErrorHandler classes is a powerful wrapper for PHP error-reporting features. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too.ErrorHandler classes has several enhancements (previously known as report layouts):- SOURCE = prints the source code fragment where the error encountered,- CONTEXT = prints variable context around error source,- SILENT mode = suppresses error-messages- REPLACE page = displays ...
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    This addon for phpWebSite 0.8.2 is displayed when a user hits a nonexistent page on the site (instead of the generic HTTP error pages). Works with Apache (maybe others too). User gets a page that has possible suggestions for errors, list of most popular pages, and a search box. It can even email the webmaster when the page is hit.
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    This script lets you handle your 404 and 500 errors a bit more effectively. When a page is not found or a script crashes, the visitor is shown a page that you've customized to match the look of your web site.Since you can customize the page, you can add a link to your search engine, your site map, et cetera. ...
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