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Free and open source Email Scripts. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    E-Mail Encoder Class is meant to encode mailto: links in a way that makes it difficult for spammers to harvest e-mail addresses by using crawling robots.The resulting HTML uses character entities using the ASCII codes of the e-mail address characters that are replaced.E-Mail Encoder Class lets you specify the link e-mail address, the link data and a CSS style name ...
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    Simple Mail php Class is a very simple class that can be used to send e-mail messages by relaying to a given SMTP server. It takes parameters defined as class variables for specifying the message sender, recipient, subject, body text and additional header.The mail server address and the SMTP port are also configurable using class variables. Simple Mail php Class ...
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    SMTP Mail is a simple class for sending e-mail messages through a given SMTP server.SMTP Mail main function is similar to the PHP mail() function as it also sends a message by connecting to a given SMTP server and taking as arguments the message To: address, the Subject: text, the message body data, the From: address and an optional Cc: ...
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    MSNStatus is meant to retrieve the status of a MSN Messenger account. The class can also check if there are messages in the incoming mailbox of a given e-mail address.
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    This PHP-Nuke Module speaks with your Cpanel (hosting manager) and manages your email accounts! By this module you can manage the email account into PHP-Nuke administration, without connecting to the Cpanel administration! This module is compatible with all the Cpanel theme skin! This module has been tested on PHP-NUKE 7.8 and is ready for italian and english languages. What you ...
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    Basically, SaferMail does the same work that a mailto: HREF would do but does it without exposing the email address to spammers. It checks if a web browser has requested the email address in keeping with several rules. If those rules are satisfied, it redirects the user to their mail client. * PHP/MySQL driven * Easy set-up.
  7. txtSQL MailBox
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    txtSQL MailBox is a pop3 mail fetching script to check/send email, maintain an address book and connect to any number of pop3 servers in one place. This is a conversion of phpMailBox to use the flat file txtSQL system instead of MySQL.
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    The PHP Spam Poison is a page generator that simulates long lists of fake email addresses and links to more fake generated pages. So, when spam-robots (spam spiders) try to harvest email addresses from your website, they get hundreds or thousands of fake email addresses, effectively poisoning their databases with useless data. This spam poisoner was inspired by the WPoison ...
  9. phpMyNewsLetter
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    phpMyNewsLetter is a mailing list management script written in PHP. The subscribers info are stored in a MySQL database. Features of phpMyNewsLetter:- Subscription checking whether the subscriber is not already registered, - Sending of a welcome message at the time of subscribing and unsubscribing, - User-friendly administration allowing you to send messages,- List and delete the subscribers, - Supports HTML ...
  10. DodosMail
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    DodosMail is an easy-to-install PHP email script for everyone. Just upload the php file, write a simple form code and you are ready to let your visitors send email to you via a webbased form! Features of DodosMail:- Checks sender's email address for validity - Allow secure way of handling your personal email address - Add as many customized fields ...
  11. Max Contact Form
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    Do you want visitors to be able to contact you, but don't want to display your email address all over your website -- to be easily picked up by spammers harvesting email addresses from websites?The Max Contact system completely and effectively hides your email address. But that's not the only thing it does. It has a place for Nature of ...
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    PhpSiteMail2 is an update to PhpSiteMail, a simple to use contact mail form for your website. Designed as a stand alone form, includes it's own theme, full error checking to prevent blank fields and flase email addresses, and records senders IP.
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    Email Attachments and HTML Support sends email and allows for multiple attachments and text or HTML emails. Simple to use and handles all errors and header complications from the user. Attach files using $email->Attach.
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    Team Mailer is an open mailing list for a team. It allows every user to contact all team members or a selection of team members via email. The Admin is notified if he is not part of the mailing list. The sender is also notified if he's not part of the recipients. So cheating is difficult.This system relies on self-regulation ...
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    Wanewsletter is a powerful mailing list manager. Features of WAnewsletter:- two engine send; - Subscribe/confirm/Unsubscribe;- Multi list management; - Multi users management.
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