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Free and open source Email Scripts. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    This simple little script allows you to have forms on your site email you. It was designed to be used as a contact form script. In other words, you create a simple form on your site where users can contact you. The script is then executed and you are emailed if successful. This program has been designed to be used ...
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    Simple script, who's purpose is to generate thousands of false email addresses to toy with spam-bots and contribute to the war against spam. Requires no customization at all (unless you want to change the number of fake email addresses from 1000)! Can be setup on a server in literally seconds. Completely legal!
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    Easy to install using a user friendly install script, no HTML knowledge needed, its all self configuring, just add your email address and page title then simply add a link from your site to the script to make it work.Secure form with spam check and form field validations with highlighted fields on errors to help the user know where they ...
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    sendmail_class manages sendmail virtusertable and alias file.
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    smtpStatus checks and outputs a quick report on the status of multiple e-mail servers via SMTP.
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    This mailing list is a freeware which allows you to maintain your own subscribers with 3000 or less.
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    Mailto Encoder creates a mailto: links for the given email address using equivalent character entities that replace the characters of the URLs in the link URL attributes.This is meant to prevent that e-mail harvesting robots used by spammers to collect e-mail addresses find the e-mail addresses when they are looking for mailto: or @ text, without compromising the ability of ...
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    Mail Server Info can lookup a DNS to determine the addresses of the SMTP servers of a given domain. It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems.
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    TA_Vpopmail is wrapper class for the vpopmail programs. It can be used to administer an e-mail a server. This class could be used to administeran e-mail server from cellular phones via WAP.
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    ES-email was made for composing and sending complex e-mail messages using the MIME standards.Features of ES-email:- Includes file attachments in the messages- Sends alternative HTML and plain text versions- Sends data taken from a form, from arguments passed to the page via its URL (query string) and/or an arbitrary array.
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    IMSP Client Classes is a set of classes that work with an IMSP (Interactive Messaging Support Protocol) Server via PHP4 to allow a custom "webmail" application access to an IMSP store.This collection was written against Cyrus IMSP Server 1.6a3 and has not been tested against any other server.The current package includes:- IMSPStream: Provides the baseline connectivity and support framework.- IMSPAddressBook: ...
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    EmailChecker allows you to check for new mail on a POP3 server so you can know if there is messages on a the server and tell to the e-mail account owner about the messages waiting in his mail box.
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    Email Crypt converts an email mailto: links to Javascript to to make it more difficult for the robots that spammers use to harvest the addresses by crawling the Web pages of a site.
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    clsImap is meant to encapsulate the access to message accounts with the protocols IMAP, POP or NNTP. It can retrieve messages and any attachments.
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    Parse Mail can parse an e-mail message to extract its headers and body parts. It extracts the values of common types of headers. The message text body and attachment parts are cut out of the mail text. Parts encoded with base64 method are automatically decoded.There is a simple example included to get incoming mail directly from sendmail (or equivalent) and ...
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