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Free and open source Email Scripts. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    PHP Contact Form script to create a web page contact form, validate sender's e-mail address, check against e-mail injection attacks, and mail feedback to a specific addressee, without exposing that person's e-mail address to web-crawling spambots. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
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    Here is something you always wanted. If you are a php developer and used Windows, you would have with held your application form sending e-mails because of mail() function not working on Windows without a SMTP server. Worry no further. The solution is available now under GNU Public License. (E)SMTP Mailer for PHP is a PHP class which you can ...
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    CMail Composite can compose and send message optionally with one or more attachment files. The class provides means to define many types of message headers by setting some of the class variables.There is also a function that can be used to add attachement files to the current message, one at a time.
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    POP3 e-mail client class implements the access to mail boxes using the POP3 protocol.Features of POP3 e-mail client class:- Support secure connections using TLS- Provides a stream wrapper class to access messages like files using fopen('pop3://user:pass@localhost/1', 'r');- POP3 server access using normal and apop login methods- Authentication mechanisms implemented by SASL client class like: PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, NTLM (Windows or ...
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    Easy Email SMTP can be used to compose and send messages via SMTP.Easy Email SMTP extends another class (Easy Mail) used to compose e-mail messages. It overrides the messages sending function to use an SMTP class to send the message via an SMTP server rather than using the PHP mail() function.Easy Email SMTP is officially compatible with PHP 5.
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    ABG_SMTPMail can be used to send e-mail messages using the SMTP protocol.It consists of three variants of the same class, two of which are versions of the main class with less features.The main class supports authentication, sending messages to multiple recipients using To or Cc headers, validate an e-mail address checking the syntax or checking the destination SMTP server.
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    mMail is an improved SMTP class for PHP.Features of mMail PHP Class: - Direct sending without using sendmail or a local SMTP server - Support for SSL and TLS SMTP sessions (tested with GMail, mDaemon) - Support for SMTP AUTH - Support for inline zip (just indicate you want the file zipped on attachment) - Support for text and html ...
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    SMTP E-mail sending class connects to a SMTP mail server to send messages.Features of SMTP E-mail sending class:- Relaying message delivery to a programmer defined SMTP server.- Programmer defined server address, server port, connection timeout, origin host address.- Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.- Support for POP3 based authentication before delivery.- Direct delivery to one or more recipients with ...
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    MicroPHP Mail Checker can be used to check the e-mail messages using the PHP IMAP extension to access a mailbox with the IMAP or POP3 protocols.Functions of MicroPHP Mail Checker:- Open a mailbox- Retrieve the number of messages stored in the mailbox- Retrieve the sender address, recipient address, date, size and subject of all messages into an array- Retrieve the ...
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    Exercise Tip Buddy is a free, easy-to-install web site tool that allows your visitors to sign up for an exercise tip mailing list.The program comes with everything you need out of the box, including 26 exercise tips tips - that's two a month for a whole year. You can easily add more tips yourself, manage subscribers, and set the look ...
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    OE generator is a simple class that can be used to generate a file to configure Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail accounts.It generates a Windows registry definition file that specifies the addresses of the SMTP and POP3 servers to use, as well the account user name and password.OE generator generates and serves the file for download, so it can be opened ...
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    Easy Mail can be used to compose and send HTML e-mail messages with optional attachment files. The headers From, To, Subject and the Return-Path e-mail address can be defined as class variables.The message can be composed and sent just by calling a single function which can be any of the variants to send plain text messages or HTML messages with ...
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    Send messages via SMTP can be used to send e-mail messages via SMTP connections.There is one class that takes care of establishing a TCP socket connection to send and retrieve data through that socket. There is another class that establishes a connection with an SMTP server using the socket class.Send messages via SMTP can send a message an SMTP server ...
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    greenMail can be used in any contact, registration or subscription form on the web.
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    spiderMail v2.2 is a complex form mailer. All of the data entered in a form is sent to an e-mail address specified in the form or the script itself. A subject and "from" address address may also be specified. The user input is also printed to the screen.The e-mail and screen presentation are formatted according to two separate templates completely ...
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