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Free and open source Email Scripts. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    Template based Email sending can be used to send HTML messages. It uses a configurable template file to define the HTML message body.Template based Email sending replaces template marks with the respective argument values and sends the message. The sender name, sender e-mail address, recipient address and the message subject are required parameters.
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    PHP Email To DB can retrieve messages from a mailbox and insert them into a MySQL database. It retrieves and parses messages from a mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension. The parsed messages can be stored in a MySQL database table. Message attachments are stored in server files.PHP Email To DB can also perform some basic spam checking on the ...
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    simple Email Class composes a message with an HTML body. When the message is sent it automatically includes an alternative text part by stripping the tags from the HTML part.Images can also be embedded in HTML message and several files can be attached.Requirements:PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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    MMail can compose and send text or HTML e-mail messages with one or more attachement files.Features of MMail:- MIME encoding of text and HTML body parts.- HTML messages with embedded images - multipart/related messages.- Text and HTML versions in the same message - multipart/alternative messages.- Attachments - Addition of file parts.
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    POP/IMAP to RSS can be used to generate an RSS feed from the listing of messages in a given mailbox accessible via POP3 or IMAP protocols. It connects to a mail server to access a given mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension functions.POP/IMAP to RSS retrieves the unread messages and uses the subject and from headers for the title and ...
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    Attachment Mailer composes an HTML message that may include one or more attached files. The IMAP_mail function is used to send the composed message.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    libMail2008 wraps around the PHP mail() function and provides an interface to compose and send e-mail messages with attachments.This version adds support for multipart/alternative parts to allow sending HTML messages with alternative text parts in the same message.libMail2008 also supports multipart/related parts to embed images in HTML messages, thus avoiding the need to reference images loaded from remote Web servers.Requirements:PHP ...
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    activeMailLib is a class that can validate e-mail addresses and send MIME email messages using the PHP mail() function. activeMailLib can generate text or HTML E-mail messages with user defined headers, body parts and character encoding.File parts can also be attached to the messages.activeMailLib may also perform email address validation based on a regular expression. It may optionally check the ...
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    Send Mail Class is a simple class to send a generic e-mail message with data submitted with HTML forms.Send Mail Class takes the values of the fields submitted with a form to compose and send the email message. It can take the values for the headers From:, To:, Cc:, Bcc: and Subject:. The values of additional form fields also sent ...
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    pop3-stream accesses a given POP3 mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension authenticating as an user with password specified in the URL passed to the PHP fopen function. It can read individual message headers and body in a single stream when the PHP fread function is called.All messages in the mailbox can be listed by invoking the PHP readdir function. pop3-stream ...
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    class_email is a class that does simple e-mail validation.
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    MIME Mail Decoder can be used to retrieve MIME e-mail messages from a mailbox of a POP3 account and decode them to extract its parts.MIME Mail Decoder can decode the retrieved messages returning the messages information in associative arrays. If there are any attachments they are stored asfiles.
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    Compose Mail is intended to send multipart e-mail messages.Compose Mail can send messages in HTML with an alternative text part to be viewed with e-mail programs that do not support displaying HTML messages. Optionally, it can also send multiple files as attachments.
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    SMTP Client can connect to a given SMTP server and send a message to a given recipient e-mail address. The sender e-mail address, the message subject and body are also configurable.SMTP login authentication is also supported by SMTP Client.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Mailer Class is a simple class to compose text or HTML e-mail messages progressively, and then sends them to one or more recipients.Mailer Class provides functions to specify whether it is a plain text or HTML message, add recipients as To:, Cc: or Bcc:, specify the message subject, specify custom headers and send the message.
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