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Free and open source Email Scripts. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    MailCrypter allows for easy scrambling of email addresses found in mailto links.The links are automatically descrambled when viewed in a javascript enabled browser, but should be invisible to email harvesting programs.
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    Email php class is a simple class that can be used to send text or HTML formatted e-mail messages using templates. The class can configured to defined the sender address, recipient addresses, the subject text, the body text either in plain text or HTML formats.Optionally Email php class can replace template marks in the message body by corresponding template variables. ...
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    The sender address, recipient address, subject, body text in either plain text or HTML format can be defined.Optionally Email class can replace template marks in the message body by corresponding template variables. If more than one recipient address is specified, the class sends separate messages to each recipient.
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    Features of Generates message headers- Supports many header options- Sends E-Mail via SMTP
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    Grab Emails From URL validates a given page URL and then retrieves the page contents for extracting any e-mail addresses found in it.A text file is used to store the e-mail addresses.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Extended PHP Mailer can compose and send e-mail messages with support for defining the message body text from a template file.Extended PHP Mailer can send text or HTML messages. The messages may have attached one or more attached files. It may also encode the text of the headers and body in several character sets to be sent according the e-mail ...
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    a_email is a very simple class that can be used to validate e-mail addresses. a_email verifies whether a given e-mail address matches a regular expression that e-mail addresses should conform.
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    Email Sender class is meant to compose and send e-mail messages based on text templates.Email Sender class sends a message to the specified address and replacing the text template placeholders with the values of the current PHP script global variables.
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    libMail is an enhanced version of Leo West libMail. It has some improvements setting recipients with To, CC, BCC, setting the return path address and attaching files to the message.libMail also provides some anti-spamming precautions by setting some headers that identify the IP address of the machine of the user accessing the current script page.
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    Mht File Maker is meant to build MHT MIME archives from lists of files.MHT archives are files defined according to the MIME standards to include several files usually related with an HTML page that is suitable to send by e-mail.Mht File Maker can take a list of files and generate an MHT archive that can be stored in a given ...
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    Grab URL is meant to fetch a page of a given URL and send it by e-mail as HTML message. It provides functions to set the message headers From:, To:, Cc:, Bcc: and Subject: .Alternatively, Grab URL may also display the fetched HTML page making it be outputted by the current script.
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    Auto-Responder implements an email auto-response system. It accesses mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP protocols and sends out automatic responses emails to the messages found in the inbox folder.Currently Auto-Responder implements three types of auto-response:- Send a response message using a given file- Send response message using contents read from a given Web URL (in this case the email subject has ...
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    Complete Emailer Class can be used to compose and send HTML or plain text messages with optional attached files.Complete Emailer Class provides functions for setting the sender address, one or more recipient address to set either the To:, Cc: or BCc: addresses, message subject, the message body, the message type (HTML or text), and add one or more attachement files.essage ...
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    Check Mail is meant to check the existence of an email address in three levels:- Via regular expression validation- Using domain rules by checking a white list of well known email address provides (ie Via SMTP request to simulate a delivery to the address being checked.
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    These two classes allow you to easily send emails to multiple recipients (including using Cc and Bcc headers), with either HTML content, plain text content, or both, with as many attachments as you wish.You can specify the sender and the return address as well. The email messages are sent through the SMTP server that you specify.
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