PHP E-Commerce

Free and open source E-Commerce Scripts. You can easily build an Online Catalogs or Shopping Carts to start your Online sale. Also include the payment interface and plugins scripts.
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    vtiger CRM Integration for Zen Cart will bring integrity to your business by keeping your inventory, customer and order information in your online stores and vtiger CRM synchronized.
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    vtiger CRM Integration for osCommerce will bring integrity to your business by keeping your inventory, customer and order information in your online stores and vtiger CRM synchronized.
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    Several types of operations can be performed in order to manipulate Zencart user records stored in a MySQL database. There is also an session handler available in order to make your application have the same session with Zencart.Key Features of Zencart Bridge:- Add or delete users- Start or end a logged user session- Change user password and other options- Add ...
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    Gnarus Frete is meant to calculate the postage cost of a deliverying a package in Brazil given the package weight and the postal codes of the origin and destination cities. It can be used to calculate total shipping costs of deliverying products sold by e-commerce sites. The postage cost is calculates automatically by the class by accessing the site of ...
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    osCommerce Amazon Data Feed is a osCommerce contribution which assures the easiest export of your products into, Inc. is an American e-commerce company. osCommerce Amazon Export Feed was one of the first major companies to sell goods by Internet. It is easy to sell on Amazon.
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    Use sellaOTP to interact with Sella Bank Ecommerce Servers via OTP (One Time Password).The documentation is under development.
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    merchantfront is a modified version of basketlib by Edward Rudd.What's New in This Release merchantfront:- Adds functionality for passing item tax (foriegn users),size,color, and weight.- Added functionality to update quanities of the same product rather than create separate lines for them.Comes with graphical interface.
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    PayPal Tabs is a simple class that can generate a navigation user interface based on tabs similar to those found in the Paypal site but without requiring create rollover images.The tabs can include text and icons.
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    Taxation laws validator is meant to validate the taxation laws in Tunisian e-commerce applications. It detects whether a company is exonerated or not, and can automatically adjust the tax values.The texts in Taxation laws validator are in French.
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    basketlib is a famous Shopping basket class.
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    Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper sends HTTP requests to access Amazon S3 Web services API in order to store and retrieve files just by using fopen('s3://...') calls and using regular fwrite and fread functions to send and retrieve file contents from Amazon S3 servers.This stream wrapper class can also delete files, create, list and delete directories.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Connections with the Amazon Web services can be established on behalf of a specified user and several types of actions can be performed.Key Features of Amazon ECS Webservice:- Search for items for sale- Manipulate shopping cart items- Retrieve customer information- Access wish lists, Listmania lists, baby and wedding registries- Retrieve sellers information- Retrieve Alexa services informationRequirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    basic_basket is the basic shopping basket class.Requires mysql_db advanced classes (mysql_conn,mysql_recordset,mysql_command) and is cookie based to keep track of session info (works with php3).
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    Price Comparison Shopping by DataFeedFile accesses the DataFeedFile Web services API server to retrieve all the information that is necessary to display products by category or perform product searches.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SnPayPalApi queries the Paypal Web services API over the SOAP protocol, in order to execute several operations. It also comes with an utility script that can be used to execute these operations operations from a command line console.Key Features of SnPayPalApi:- Searching for transactions- Get the details of a transaction- Send mass payments- Refund the payment of a transaction- Get ...
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