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Free and open source E-Commerce Scripts. You can easily build an Online Catalogs or Shopping Carts to start your Online sale. Also include the payment interface and plugins scripts.
  1. Webforce Cart
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    Webforce Cart ( or wfCart ) is a free and Open Source PHP shopping cart script you can use a component of a PHP based online store. It's designed as a component for PHP developers who would rather write their own store rather than a complete solution.
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    IBK Cart is a PHP shopping cart script using Ajax and based on MySQL. It is designed to manage shopping carts with products listed in a MySQL database. It helps you add items to the cart much easily, update item quantities more flexibly, delete items from the cart and empty the cart more accurately.This PHP script renders its contents in ...
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    PayPalPHP is a PHP 5 implementation of the PayPal NVP API script, currently, basic features such as getting the available balance for a PayPal account has been implemented. And more functions will be fulfilled in next release version.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.14 or higher- PHP cURLLimitations:- The API is incomplete and subject to change.
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    There are two simple scripts: PayPal script and IPN script, in PayPal Buy Now and IPN Classes to help in PayPal payment and payment processing. The PayPal script allows you to dynamically create Buy now buttons with or without encryption. The IPN script does the preliminary PayPal recommended checks and allows you to do further validation. The class allows logging ...
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    Affilinet Product Service can be used to get product information using API. It can send SOAP requests to Web services API to perform several types of operations to query information about advertiser products. There is one class that can authenticate as a given API user. Another script can get the list of categories, get the path of a ...
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    PHPBB Donation MOD with Paypal IPN allows phpbb3 forum to accept donations from its community members.
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    The freeware script is an easy php opening time program in order to show too different times passed away suitable texts, suitable for shops, practise, ect. A data bank is not required.Joomla compatible Appearance, Example: Now our shopis closed! Monday open 08 - 12:30, 13 - 19 o'clock.The pattern is always: Opening time, lunchbreak closingtime or only: Opening time, closing-timeFeatures: ...
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    This class can be used to create and manage a shopping cart. The developer can create a shopping cart by storing data using session variables (the identifier and quantities of each product added to a shopping cart).The class can also update the quantities of the added products, remove products and retrieve the list of products in the cart.
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    Infosniper Geolocation XML API allows you to instantly check any IP address or hostname to detect order fraud. Defend your business or shop by comparing entered shipping addresses with the geolocation of a buyer. The web service returns continent, country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, dma code, timezone, gmtoffset and many many more. You will be able to integrate ...
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    WebPen is the universal method of agreement authentication backed by centuries of tradition and jurisprudence, the handwritten signature. Now legal documents and agreements can be displayed online and signed instantly right on your website using the mouse as a pen. WebPen eliminates the traditional hassle of downloading, printing, signing, and faxing. Making the signup process quick and easy avoids lost ...
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    Esvon Auto Listings Manager is the complete vehicle listing management solution for your auto web site, specialty cars site, or the automotive inventory section of your auto dealer web site. Unique software designed for putting your vehicles on the Internet. It is a highly customizable dealership inventory management software program created for your benefit. Auto, boat, motorcycle, rv, snowmobile, tractor, ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition is the Database driven web application for building and managing heavy-duty e-commerce web store to sell intangible products such as eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc based on a PayPal payment system. Key Features of E-Store Kit-2 (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition: - Easy installation, - Fully customizable design/layout, Unlimited categories/subcategories/products, - ...
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    E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition is the database driven web application for building and managing heavy-duty e-commerce web store to sell tangible products based on PayPal payment system. Key features of E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition: - Easy installation, - Fully customizable design/layout, - Unlimited categories/subcategories/products, - 2 additional options for each product, Image upload and much more.
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    E-Store Kit-2 is the complete storefront and full-featured shopping cart solution. Features of E-Store Kit-2:- Powerfull catalog management system with extensive customization capabilites. - Supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments. - Unlimited amount of products of any type with icons and pictures. - Can be customized and integrated into any existing website through its template-based ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is the complete easy-to-use web store to sell intangible (downloadable) products online. For example: eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc. THe script is a PHP/MySQL database-driven catalog and shopping cart with instant secure download of purchased products. E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is built-in support of all Internet payment providers with real-time payment verification ...
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