PHP E-Commerce

Free and open source E-Commerce Scripts. You can easily build an Online Catalogs or Shopping Carts to start your Online sale. Also include the payment interface and plugins scripts.
  1. Firesage Checkout - for PayPay Digital Goods
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    Firesage Checkout, which makes implementing PayPal for Digital Goods into your website a snap! With Firesage Checkout, you can quickly start accepting PayPal payments, and create encoded, time-bombed download links that obscure the original file location to enhance product and website security.The entire process happens in just a few steps, and works like this:- A customer clicks the Buy Now ...
  2. FileShop - powerful digital downloads shop
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    Sell ebooks, music, images or software in most productive way. Drive professional store easily. Cutting-edge features:- one-click sell with PayPal Standart or credit card- secure download with automatic account creation- several files and samples per product- mobiles and tablets support- OpenCart compatability (6000+ themes and extensions)- start selling in a minutes
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    OXID eShop was developed using PHP and MySQL, and is a solid tool for developing e-commerce centric applications.The store can be adjusted to fit any type of product catalog, payment methods, or delivery systems, and can be deployed on any *AMP server stack.Like most well-coded scripts, OXID eShop comes with a built-in installation wizard, an administration panel, and lots of ...
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    php virtual table is a PHP stand-alone shopping cart utility which works out of the box, but can also be easily integrated with more complex e-commerce solutions. It is highly flexible and simple to administrate. If needed, it can export cart data to a CSV file. What's New in This Version:- Interface and abstract class added- Redundant functions are deleted- ...
  5. wpStoreCart
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    wpStoreCart is an e-commerce plugin for building WordPress-driven online shops. The plugin comes with a very easy to use backend interface, with plenty of useful options for managing a wide range of products. Features of wpStoreCart:- Web based "Setup Wizard"- Unlimited number of products & categories- Product Variations such as size & color- Product properties such as weight & dimensions- ...
  6. Sell Downloads Nex
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    Sell Downloads Nex (SDN) is a E-commerce allows to sell downloads online on your own web site. It will accept credit card payments on your website to sell downloads or your digital products. Sell downloads with SDN, you can sell practically any type of digital goods, pdf, zip, avi, doc, rar, mp3 etc. It allows to sell digital goods and ...
  7. PayPal Payments Pro
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    This PHP script library includes methods to easily integrate all of PayPal's API's including PayPal Payments Pro and Adaptive Payments. The script makes it extremely quick and easy to tie PayPal into your applications. It comes with template solution files for nearly every API call available. All you have to do is populate the request parameters and you'll get a ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    WePay is an online payment service for groups and organizations in the United States. It allows PHP developers to make safe, compliant and efficient API calls and create applications or web services that integrate with WePay. The SDK can handle all authentication API calls needed to get an app going. Requirements:- WePay Client ID and Client Secret
  9. PayPal NVP Transactions
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    This is a collection of PHP scripts wrapping the PayPal NVP API. Which allows interaction with the PayPal NVP (Name-Value Pair) API, for requesting and sending business transaction data.Features of PayPal NVP Transactions:Supported methods:- GetBalance- DoDirectPayment- PayPalCodesRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PayPal API keyLimitation:- The entire PayPal NVP command-set is not yet supported.
  10. No Screenshot
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    TheCartPress is an E-commerce solution for the WordPress CMS. It can be used to build online stores, for digital and real products the same. Features of TheCartPress:- WordPress native features- Multiple Images Per Product- WordPress image galleries- Auto-embed media player for Downloadable products (mp3)- Product Review/Comments- Related Products- Related Posts- Selectable custom templates for single product pages and taxonomy pages.- ...
  11. paypal php
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    This is a PHP script for accessing the PayPal API. It can be used to power e-commerce transactions via PayPal. Supports authentication, debugging, retrieving buyer info and much more. A test demo is included with the dowolosd package.Requirements:- PayPal Sandbox account for testing- PayPal account for transactions
  12. Best Buy Service Remix
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    This is a PHP library for making calls to Best Buy's Remix API. The Remix API allows developers full access to the product catalog and its subsequent metadata.The library can be a good starting point for Best Buy affiliate program sites.What's New in this version:- Updated URI build method to use unescaped ampersands.
  13. Ebay TurbolisterShipping Service Options
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    This is a PHP script to encode / decode Ebay Turbolister options data.It parses Ebay Turbolister options data as a string in XML format and encodes that data with base 64 algorithm computing the checksum before sending them to eBay servers.It can also decode the previously encoded data using an analogue method as the one used for encoding.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  14. Estonian e-payments solution
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    This is a PHP script to be used to submit payments to Estonian and Finnish banks.It can generate HTML for payment buttons that when clicked lead the user to sites of supported banks on which they can authorize payments of configurable items and amounts.The script validates whether the payments are completed successfully by handling requests to return pages where the ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    Free PHP Shopping cart is a free PHP package that allows users to have their own, customizable, built in shopping cart. The cart is designed to help your customers easily and manage items in their shopping cart, and to give a choice in payment.Features of Free PHP Shopping Cart:- Add Items From Any HTML Page- Easy For Customers To Use ...
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