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    All the basic values for cells, such as strings or numbers, are supported. Spreadsheet_WriteExcel has support for fomulas, images (BMP) and URLs.Limitations:Spreadsheet_WriteExcel doesn't support charts.
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    HTML 2 PDF Report can call a remove Web service that converts the HTML page with a given URL to a PDF document. The generated PDF document will be served as the current script output.
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    XLS files may be read and written using PHP fopen, fread or fwrite, or any other PHP functions that can access to streams.The file name has the format xlsfile://path/to/spreadsheet.xls where /path/to/spreadsheet.xls is the path of the actual spreadsheet file to be read or written.To create a XLS file just pass a serialized array of spreadsheet row arrays that associate the ...
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    A small but effective utility module that can create .xls .xlr .doc .txt .ppt .rtf and .csv files. You just pass the data and a filename. It can also capture print output (from echo statements) and send that to a file.A demo module is included to show how to create the data for the various file types. The most effective ...
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    b3rtCSVWriter can be used to generate CSV files. It creates an Excel-compatible CSV file and writes record values using pure PHP code without using fputcsv function.b3rtCSVWriter writes a record line at a time from values passed in an array with the values for all columns. The column separator character is configurable, so it can be a tab or anything besides ...
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    b3rtCSVReader can be used to parse CSV files. It opens and reads a given CSV file parsing the data in its rows using pure PHP code without using fgetcsv function.b3rtCSVReader reads on record row at a time and returns an array with the values for all columns.The column separator character is configurable, so it can be a tab or anything ...
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    CSV Parse and Read can be used to parse and display data from a CSV file. It can open and parse the lines of a given CSV file. The data is stored in an array class variable.CSV Parse and Read may also display the CSV data in an HTML table using a separate PHP template script.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    PhpRtf Lite is a PHP class library. The purpose of the library is creating rtf documents with php, which are compatible with Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer programs. It can be used when it is need to generate rtf document on a server side.The main PhpRtf advantage of other such kind programs is, that it’s designed on OOP principles. ...
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    This application will convert all data submited by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script. The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standarts and can be opened in Excel or in any other Spreadsheet software.
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    Printing webpages is great, but every browser renders a page differently. This can cause problems if you need to be able to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used. Additionally, PDF files can be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook, making it a useful file format for large text ...
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    Synchronization Analysis can be used to compare and extract differences between text documents. It searches for lines, words or other symbols that may have changed to different positions. Then it returns the lists of differences in arrays.
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    eprints Fetch can be used to retrieve and parse eprints metadata from a repository that supports OAI standard (Open Archive Initiative).eprints Fetch retrieves one or more eprint metadata documents in OAI 2.0 XML format, given the respective eprints identifiers. Then it parses the documents to extract the metadata into a class array variable.
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    RDF API for PHP is a software package for parsing, manipulating and serializing RDF models. It is based on the Stanford RDF API by Sergey Melnik.Features of RDF API:- statement centric methods for manipulating an RDF model as a set of RDF triples- integrated parser- integrated serializer- support for xml:base and xml:lang directives- support for blank nodes
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    CSV managing class can be used to store and retrieve data from files in the CSV format (Comma Separated Values).It provides means to read and write individual rows of fields to a CSV file, as well to change the position of the file from which the data is read or written.CSV managing class may also read all the rows of ...
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    OpenOffice 2 HTML can be used to convert OpenOffice 1.*/2.* Writer documents to HTML.OpenOffice 2 HTML can parse a given OpenOffice Writer document in XML format (.sxv and .odt) and generate an HTML file. It can convert documents with images and simple text styles. It can also convert tables but without style support.
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