PHP Debug

Debug data dumping, bug detection and reporting
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    Hgsarraydump can be helpful for scenarios when a full-scale debug environment is not available.
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    Debug information can either be displayed or saved to a file if a path is specified.
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    The contents of variables can be dumped into a table by the homesitedebug class. There are also two scripts for the editor Homesite named debug1.js and debug2.js. These scripts are integrated in the editor shortcuts.The script named debug1.js specifies that the debug output should go to the file debug.html. The script debug2.js closes that output file.Limitations: The code and the ...
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    RHC is actually a few files which give the user the ability to do custom error handling, debugging, and handle database abstraction (currently works through INFORMIX and ODBC).
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    Multiple console windows can be opened. A specialized class to be used in tracing and debuging php code is provided as well.
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    The output can be presented as text, HTML, a JavaScript pop-up or a logfile.
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    MDS Debug script can output the contents of variable value as HTML formatted. A PHP script takes to execute from a given point to another, can also be measured,at the time.Requirements: - PHP 4.0 or Higher
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    The messages associated with different types of script activity are tracked so that PHP Debug can later generate a report.Features of PHP Debug:- PEAR integration- Tracks PHP script execution time- Shows the execution time of specified chunks of PHP code- Shows of all types of variables in HTML- Show globals variables ($GLOBALS, $_POST, $_GET ...)- Tracks function calls- Tracks database ...
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    The outputted debugging information includes the time and values of passed variables.SVG Debug can generate multiple SVG files to fit all the information that is stored, as well HTML files that can be used to view the generated SVG files.
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    Simple Debug is a debug tool for WordPress sites. The plugin is for WP developers working on new themes and plugins, allowing them to test their code before launching into production. Webmasters can also use it to test if their current WordPress installation is running up to par. Features of Simple Debug:- Show general diagnostics tool- Show PHP.ini settings- Show ...
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    PHP Debugger and Helper can be use to help debugging PHP applications. It can capture and log any errors and thrown exceptions even when PHP error reporting options are disabled.The logged errors are translated into more readable error messages providing hints for possible fixes that may need to be applied to the faulty code. The messages can be localized to ...
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    oDebug can perform several actions that help debugging PHP scripts like displaying PHP environment variables, included scripts, run-time errors, the time a page took to generate or database queries took to execute.The tracked debug information can be displayed in HTML tables.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    PHP Debugger is a simple script that can output debugging information about the current PHP script that is being executed.PHP Debugger has one main function that uses PHP backtracing support to determine from where it was called, ancestor functions or classes that called the current function and the argument types and values that were passed.PHP Debugger displays this debug information ...
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    The variable definition dump is displayed in a color table, similar Coldfusion's cfdump tag command. dBug uses Javascript to make the table expand and collapse so the nested data structures can be conviniently displayed.CSS stylesheets are used to customize the presentation details of the dumped table.
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    debugTools generates HTML and Javascript to display a draggable menu on the current page with options that can be used to inspect information about the PHP script, which generated the page.The menu can open and close areas with smooth animation to show details such as the current script SERVER, REQUEST, POST, GET, COOKIE, FILES and ENV variables, included files, defined ...
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