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Free and open source Date & Time Scripts. These Scripts mainly deal with the time and date in php also database and make the date & time output a easy way.
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    Date Compare is a simple class that can compute and compare dates. Currently it can compute the date of same month day as today in the next month.Date Compare can also compare a given date with the server side date and determine whether the specified date is after of before the server date.
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    The methods are fully documented in class comments.Key Features of class.datetime.php:- compareDates()- timeStringToStamp()- timeStampToString()- timeFormat()- timeToHumanReadable()- fuzzyTimeString()
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    phpDateTime consists of several classes for manipulating dates, times and time intervals.There is a class for manipulating a date, another for manipulating times (not only time of day, this can also be 156:45:10 or 3 Weeks), another to manipulate a date with time of day and another to manipulate timespans.phpDateTime supports multiple data and time representation formats (ISO, DIN, AMI, ...
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    This is a new class to handle shifting dates. It is designed for use when browsing data from a database using YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time schemas. class.dateTimeManager.php is useful for stepping though sets of results by X amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.
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    DatePicker is a class to generate HTML form fields for choosing dates. It uses javascript to check and generate valid a day for the selected month, considering for leap year.DatePicker remembers its values after invalid form submission. This means that when the user submits a form, the class keeps track of the submitted values. The class also provide the possility ...
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    Zodiacal Signs is a simple class that can determine what is the Zodiacal sign associated to a given day of the year.
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    Class to perform arithmetic operations with dates like add or subtracting days, months or years.
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    CDate is meant to perform manipulation of dates like for instance adding a time interval to a given date.
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    Utility to take the duration of script or script intervals.
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    PHP Cron can parse cron tab schedules. It does not parse cron tab files themselves, but instead, can determine when a cron job should have last run, given the schedule in cron tab format (like 0 5 * * 1-4).PHP Cron can determine when a cron job should have last run, which can be used in conjunction with database logging ...
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    Calculates the phase of the moon, current, week at a glance, or a specific date. Could be useful for displaying a corresponding image of the moon on a dynamic website.
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    Zodiacal Sign is a simple class that determines what is the zodiacal sign that corresponds to a given day and month of the year.The class validates the specified month and day and returns the file name of a zodiac sign image.
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    3 boxes with date numbers to send with a form. It looks like there was not a standard way to put a date-selector in a form. Letting the user free with a textbox is more dangerous and takes more time with checking the input-values. \
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    Cronometro is to measure the time that passed between two moments of execution of a PHP script. It provides functions to start and stop the time count and also to display the time that elapsed since the start of the count. The time is measured in microseconds.
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    calend.class.php generates HTML calendars in the portuguese language.
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