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Free and open source Date & Time Scripts. These Scripts mainly deal with the time and date in php also database and make the date & time output a easy way.
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    CBenchmark can be used to measure the time a PHP script takes to execute. It can start measuring execution time in different script check points. Each check point is tagged with a label.CBenchmark can also measure the time to execute a given function of a given object class.The execution time statistics can be presented in an HTML table showing the ...
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    Easy Cron can be used to schedule site down time period.Easy Cron reads from a file a specification that determines the period when the site is open or closed. The site may close every day or only on specific days at given hours.Easy Cron also provides a Web based user interface to change the site downtime schedule.
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    rsmysql is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class that can measure the time spent executing the database queries.rsmysql can establish persistent and non-persistent connection to a given MySQL database server, execute SQL queries and return the query results in arrays.The total number of queries and the time spent of executing is stored in global variables for statistical purposes.
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    Arabic Date Class can be used to convert dates from the Julian to the Arabic calendar. It can take a timestamp as argument and convert the day, month and year of the timestamp in the Julian calendar to the Arabic calendar.The format of the output Arabic data can be specified with a parameter string that defines which parts of the ...
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    Measure PHP execution time using this small and simple script. PHP typically executes very quickly, though some code takes significant time to execute, i.e. retrieving and parsing remote files, image manipulations, complex and/or multiple SQL queries, etc. If code is choking your server's CPU, or your site visitors are clicking away because your page is taking too long to respond, ...
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    Plugin Cal class is a plugin that implements a calendar custom input for the forms generation and validation class by Manuel Lemos.Plugin Cal class is based on the cal_class originally written by Andrea Bersi. The custom input implements a calendar data selection control that allows navigating between calendar months
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    All in one date class can be used to perform many types of operations with times and dates. It is similar to the JavaScript date class.Functions of All in one date class:- Retrieve a date represented in different formats- Extract date day, month, year- Extract the time hour, minute, second and millisecond- Parse and set the current date and time ...
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    CalcDate can be used to calculate the difference between two dates. It implements an date difference calculation.CalcDate takes UNIX timestamp values as arguments. The difference between two dates is returned as an associative array with entries that represent the time interval in terms of years, months, weeks and days.
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    Kalender classes is a class that computes and displays month calendars in HTML table denoting days known to be holidays.Several presentation details may be configured including the locale dependent texts like the names of the months and holidays.Kalender classes comes with locale text definitions for German in a separate script but other scripts may be used to present the calendar ...
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    Date Span can calculate the time span between dates, not just in numbers but also spell it in a more natural was using words like this: "1 year, 6 months and 12 days".Date Span is very useful when you need to present to the users how much time have passed since a past event in an easy to understand way. ...
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    DateClass is a simple class that can be used to calculate difference between two given dates. The class can return the period of time between the two dates in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years.
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    Data por extenso is meant to parse a date of a given day and spell it using words in Brazilian Portuguese.
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    Class to perform code profiling in order to aid locating areas of code that consume most processing time.Provides information on number of calls to a code section, percentage and total of time spent on a section. Timing of nested code sections is possible.Requires function calls to be inserted in code being profiled.
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    Time Manipulator is meant to perform operations on time values. Time Manipulator can add or subtract seconds, minutes or hours to a given time. Time Manipulator can also also:- Get the current time- Get second, minute, hour values of a date separately
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    Sunset & Sunrise can be used the to calculate the time of sunrise and sunsite of any place in the world. It takes the latitude and longitude coordinates of a place as well its timezone offset and calculates the sunrise and sunset time for today.The calculations also consider daylight savings time adjustments. Sunset & Sunrise calculates sunrise and/or sunset for ...
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