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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
  1. tigershark
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    This is a simple key-value store system for PHP. It can be used to replace complex database systems, in environments where that's not possible or the project is too small for it.tigershark uses PHP arrays to store and manipulate data. It implements NoSQL principles using a single PHP file. Usage instructions are included with the package's README.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    This is a MySQL database activity logger, with support for multi system/application environments. The log interface is written using MySQL stored procedures, getting access to the database via a web/SOAP service. A tool called spm(sLog Payload Monitor) is also provided. spm is a HTML/Javascript/Ajax interface used for exploring sLog information.
  3. PHP-MySQL-Database-Script
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    This is a PHP script for connecting web apps to a MySQL database. Uses prepared statement and MySQLi.Features of PHP-MySQL-Database-Script:- Support for INSERT statements- Support for SELECT statements- Support for UPDATE statements- Support for DELETE statements- Support for WHERE method- A generic method included
  4. php-database
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    This is a PHP script for managing database connections and functions. Works by helping the developer automating database queries and reduces injection issues.Features of php-database:Supported databases:- PostgresQL- MySQLRequirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  5. MSSQL Administrator
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    This is a PHP-driven MS-SQL database web interface. A special PHP abstraction layer script is included to perform all operations.To use, just add database credentials in the config.php file and run the index.php file.Features of MSSQL Administrator:- Create records- Retrieve records- Update records- Delete records- Select which table in the database to perform these operations onLimitation:- Still in beta development
  6. Apache-MySQL-PHP Manager
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    This is an alternative of many AMP manager. It heavily exploits ports in order to manage applications, rather then virtual host. Please install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Aestan Tray Menu Manually. This project just provides tiny script (and manual).
  7. qAdmin
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    This is a admin panel for MySQL databases that you are already using to collect data from your websites and enables you to view the data in an attractive way. This can be easily to any MySQL database by running the install.php page which will install the admin panel onto the database, this allows you to setup a username and ...
  8. PHP Show Processes
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    PHP Show Processes is a script can be view your MySQL processes. This script is very easy to install and use and requires a MySQL database. It provides a good cross browser compatibility.
  9. Stratum
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    This is a PHP script for connecting and interacting with MySQL databases. It is basically a PHP database abstraction layer for working with a MySQL database.Features of Stratum:- Connect to a MySQL database- Select a certain database- Query a database- Return the the query as a result set- Cache the result set- Get one variable from the database- Get one ...
  10. Web 2.0 PgAdmin
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    This is a web-based PostgreSQL database manager, written in PHP. This is a completely web based application that uses Ajax on the client side and PHP on the server side. All configuration settings are defined in conf.php file that is in the main installation directory. It allows developers to manage a PostgreSQ from their web browser.Features of Web 2.0 PgAdmin:- ...
  11. Repose PHP ORM
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    This is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library for PHP5. Repose implements a Unit of Work (UoW), an Identity Map and generated proxy classes to provide transparent unobtrusive persistence in PHP. For PHP 5.2.x and earlier the persistence aware properties need to be public. To use Repose, there's no need to implement or extend framework classes or interfaces.Those familiar with the ...
  12. DBKiss
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    This is a PHP script to easily browse and manage database tables. The script is easy to setup and provides a much faster interface to DB tables than the laggy and complex phpAdmin.Features of DBKiss:- MySQL and PostgreSQL support- Import/export of data- Searching the database or single table- Advanced SQL editor- Save templates- Multi-query execution- PaginationLimitation:- Pgsql driver does not ...
  13. Simple-MySQL-Backup
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    This is a PHP script to backup MySQL databases. Users have the ability to email backups and delete them on demand. Features of Simple-MySQL-Backup:- Backup of databases and compression- Emailing of backup files- Uses mysqldump and gzipRequirements:- PHP mysqldump installed- PHP gzip installed- Rights to execute the PHP "exec" command
  14. tgcSqlBuilder
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    tgcSqlBuilder is a very easy to install, use and customize PHP database tool script which allows you to build SQL-statements using an object-oriented interface instead of many string-concatenations. It can be implemented in any PHP application, and you can simply build your queries with methods like addWhere(), setLimit() or others.
  15. XML-RPC DB
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    This is a PHP script to execute database queries via an XML RPC interface. It reads XML data from a XML-RPC request, extracting from it the database user name, password and the query to execute.The script executes the requested query and returns the results as XML-RPC response.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
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