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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
  1. ADOdb
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    ADOdb is a database abstraction library for PHP and hides the differences between the different databases so developers can easily switch databases without changing code. It is used in lots of projects around the web and is almost considered a standard on its own. Features of ADOdb:Supported databases:- MySQL- PostgreSQL- Interbase- Firebird- Informix- Oracle- MS SQL- Foxpro- Access- ADO- Sybase- ...
  2. embedly-php
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    embedly-php is a PHP library for the API. It is a platform for converting URLs into embeddable content and allows PHP developers to interact with the API, and utilize some of the service's features and tools inside PHP-based websites and apps. Requirements:- API key- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PHP's cURL extension enabled- Behat and PHPUnit are needed ...
  3. MySql database query tool
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    Free Web based MySql database query tool (HDBQ 2.1) to add, save, manage user queries and query mysql database.This script is written in PHP. Features of Web based MySql database query tool:- Easy to use mysql HDBQ 2.1 database query tool.- UI to add, save and manage frequently user queries.- Support for date based queries.- Simple file web based password ...
  4. MySQL DB Cleanup Script
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    MySQL DB Cleanup Script is a PHP Script to drop tables on all/some databases with wildcards. There is no way in MySQL to drop tables using wildcards like 'temp_%', this simple PHP will help us do the following:- specify databases like 'anything%', so you check only the databases you need to.- specify tables like 'temp_%' , 'temp3_%' in an array ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    This script can generate PHP scripts that are MySQL backups. It connects to a given MySQL server and extracts the list of all databases.The script generates a PHP script with commands to execute queries that recreate the database tables and insert the records with the current values. The generated backup PHP script is stored in a given file.
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    Wowhead-API is a PHP library for working with WoW data found on Wowhead. It is a service for retrieving statistical data about WoW (World of Warcraft). Because Wowhead does not provide an API (in the real meaning of the work), the library parses Wowhead pages and retrieves desired data. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
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    ebay mine is OO PHP Libraries for mining data from eBay into mysql database. This project started to use in a new business and decided the the development time for the end result was going to be too long. It is basically a OO PHP API to retrieve data from eBay to be stored in a MySQL database for analysis.
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    DbUnit is a DbUnit port for PHP/PHPUnit. DbUnit is a JUnit extension targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts a database into a known state between test runs. DbUnit is also usable with Apache Ant. What's New in This Version:- Updated for PHPUnit 3.7.
  9. Mysqli Wrapper
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    Mysqli Wrapper is a PHP script for running short, secure database queries. It allows developers to quickly setup a MySQL database connections run their query in a safe environment, return the results and close the connection. Features of Mysqli Wrapper:- A single 6 characters function- It's secure against SQL injections because it's parameterized- Returns an array- Easy migration from the ...
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    ROM is a PHP script implements a complex ORM for PHP and is inspired by Ruby's Active Record utility. Active Record is an architectural pattern found in Ruby on Rails mainly, used for storing data in relational databases. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PDO- Zend Framework Limitations:- No documentation.
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    Geobaza PHP API is a PHP API for the Geobaza geolocation database and a tool for converting an IP address into geographical coordinates. The API basically allows developers to make IP-location queries from PHP-based apps and websites, to a Geobaza database.Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Geobaza
  12. Lazy Mofo (LM)
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    LM is a script similar to PHPGrid and a meta driven datagrid and form generator for PHP 5 and MySQL 5.It can renders a datagrid of database results from a table name or SQL statement, grid features include pagination, sorting, search, and inline editing. Meanwhile, renders forms for inputing and editing data. Also updates, inserts and deletes data and handles ...
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    orange-bean implements a subset of the RedBean ORM API. This subset doesn't include association management and other non-essential features of RedBean. Also, here are some differences in model management and naming conventions. Requirements- PHP 5.3Supported Databases- MySQL 5 and SQLite 3 Features of orange-bean:- Setup- CRUD- Finding beans- Generic queries- Iterators- Custom Models- Observers- Database transactions- Caching- SQL query logger- ...
  14. MySQLi_Query
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    This script is created to avoid the repetitiveness associated with mysqli prepared statements. It can be seen as a mini framework for running queries. It creates a database connection and accepts queries through the execute method. The execute method parameters are an sql statement, followed by the necessary bind variables.
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    Genghis is a web interface for MongoDB databases and runs just from one single PHP file.Features of Genghis:- Manage databases- Manage collections- Manage documents What's New in This Version:- Changed grippie cursor to `row-resize`.- Fixed "unable to connect" errors for some driver versions (PHP backend).- Updated JSON gem dependency (Ruby backend).- Added support for Sinatra v1.4.0 (Ruby backend).- Support latest ...
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