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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    Blocks is a simple class that is meant to output colored blocks of mark different sections of HTML page. You can define the color, the current HTML generation time and custom text that will appear in each block.
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    SQLCall uses PHP's highly dynamic nature to give the calling class unprecedented access to the result set in an intuitive way.SQLCall currently only supports connections to mySQL databases.This class is perfect for those who like their results at hand - no hashes or lists to have to walk through.
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    sql_query_generator will generate a large range of SQL SELECT queries from a submitted form.It provides facilites for simple queries on one field on a table, joins, selection of fields to be returned, aliasing of fields (eg. SUM(Price) AS Total), ORDER BY, even multiple queries from one form.Comes with a basic demo file, which I hope to update in time. GROUP ...
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    PGSQL_Connection is one class to 'select, insert, update and delete' registers from PostgreSQL databases. It have functions to create log files and other operations.Important: PGSQL_Connection works with PGSQL_Login class.
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    The SimpleDB class implements a PHP algorithm to store associative arrays in files without using any PHP database function. The key feature is the use of flock to prevent corrupting files.If you do not have a database and want to create a simple application, this is a good option for you.With the SimpleDB class come two example applications of counters:- ...
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    phpPostgreSQLdB provides an abstraction layer above the PHP PostgreSQL API.This centralizes all the database connection info such as host, port, etc. Same class an be used to connect to multiple databases on different servers and on different ports. In addition to "normal" stuff that you'd expect from a db abstraction layer, it also supports transactions among other things. Comprehensive error ...
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    pgSQL Abstract is a wrapper class to simplify PostgreSQL queries. This is the PostgreSQL version of another previously submitted here to access MySQL for the same purpose.Features of pgSQL Abstract:- Connect to a PosgreSQL server reusing connections previously opened to the same server- Insert or update rows using arrays of fields and values- Delete rows that satisfy a given condition- ...
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    PEAR Database Wrapper is a wrapper forthe PEAR Database package to provide an alternative API for accessing databases.One of the features that this class provides is a way to connect to databases using a function that, instead of a connection string, it takes the connection parameters in a single array that is passed as parameter of the connection function.This class ...
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    When you have a big MySQL database, you may need to optimize and eventually repair any tables that may need it. This class allows you to schedule the execution of these tasks. After the class performs the repair and optimization tasks, it saves the date and time in a file.Next time the class is called to perform those tasks again, ...
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    MySQL Abstract Layer is a simple MySQL database access wrapper. It can execute SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT SQL queries using single calls that take the table names, column names, column values and table search conditions.
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    innodb class stores and retrieves information stored in MySQL innodb tables.
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    Run MySQL is a class that is meant for feeding the MySQL server with large batches of SQL statements.The batch statements could be taken from a string, a local file or a file uploaded via HTML form. The result of the last query is returned.
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    The mysqlQueryContainer-class makes it possible to create several MySQL connections to different hosts and Databases on one Object.This makes it possible to work with several databases in your script in an easy way. The code code is well documented (phpDoc compatible).
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    Display a list of 'days until' a set of events, includes a simple example and a more complex one as child classes. Could easily be extended to multi-user and notifications via email by adding a user table and owner columns. Written to MySQL but db access is simple enough to adapt.
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    PGSQL_Login is a PHP/PostgreSQL 'Login' class, to control users sessions.
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