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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    dbwrap class provides a number of functions to make it easier to work with MySQL, without a need to actually using mysql_xxxx functions, making it easier to switch to a different database.Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries only, first because of security reasons, second - other queries are just not really needed for web development.
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    multi allows to populate the select form field with multiple choices from the database. Its very easy and simple to use.
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    jMySQL is a simple interface class for MySQL.Select, Update, Insert, Delete queries are supported. It comes also with functions for emptying a table, dropping table and creating a heap table.
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    DB Access class allows you to execute various queries for Access Interbase, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. You can execute SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE in your tables.
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    mySQL Backup Script is a simple script that will create a mysqldump of your database and upload it to a ftp server. This can be configured to determine which database (or all) you want to backup, where you stock it locally and where you upload it.
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    MySQL Parser is meant to parse boolean expressions like (item1 AND item2 AND NOT (item3 OR item4)) and converts them into MySQL full text search conditions like ( item1 item2 -(item3 item4)).
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    SQL2TXT select data of PostgreSQL DataBase by SQL instructions and write results into TXT file (SDF). Alignment and lenghts of columns are configurable.
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    Class to interface with multiple SQL databases. It supports mysql, msql, mssql, pgsql, ODBC, interbase and sybase.Only interbase is not fully supported (doesn't have the numrows method).
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    Query Process is database access wrapper that can access either MySQL or PosgresSQL or Microsoft SQl(MsSQl) databases. It can establish connections to either a MySQL or PosgreSQL or MsSql server depending on the value set in a variable of the class.Then Query Process can be used to execute queries and retrieve result set data in arrays from any of the ...
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    pg_dbsearch class allows you to search a pattern in a database. It supports PostgreSQL databases.
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    DBConnect is a MySQL database access wrapper that uses some PHP 5 features to simplify the usual operations. It establishes a connection with a MySQL server in the class constructor function and closes the connection in the destructor function. It also provides functions for executing SQL queries and return a the row object or multiple rows as an array of ...
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    queryList executes a SQL query to a MySQL database and paginates the results and displaying previous and next navigation links.
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    PostgreSQL Database Driver comes with a class that manages connections to a PostgreSQL database server. It comes also with a class to perform SQL queries and retrieve the results.The connection class can executes queries and manage transactions. It can also create, read, write and delete large objects (LOBs).
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    CSQLite is a wrapper to access SQLite file databases using SQLite extension for PHP 5. The functions are similar to those used to access MySQL databases: open, query, fetch_row and get_num_rows.
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    Interbase allows to manipulate database of the Interbase with debug mode. Include examples for select, insert, update and delete.
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