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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    dbApiCreate will give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output. You tell it: database name, table name, field names, primary key, database connection details and it will then give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output - simply copy the output into a new file(eg: and you have your access library for your new table. ...
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    MySQL wrapper is a simple class that encapsulates the functionality of MySQL database access commands.It establishes database connections, executes queries storing the result set handle in a class variable and provides other functions to traverse the result set an retrieve the data returned by the database server.
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    myDBQuery is a simple MySQL database query execution wrapper that can keep track of the source file name and line number when a query error occurs.It just executes a MySQL database query and returns an array with the result set handle and the count of the number rows if the it is a SELECT query or the number of affected ...
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    mysql_connection class is in charge of establishing a connection to the MySQL server. This class is a wrapper of the basic functions like open, close, send sql, send command. It allows personnalized error trapping and can also trap errors for you but in a very gruesome way stopping all execution.mysql_connection class also offers several usefull functions like:- sql_insert_id() which returns ...
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    SplitPageResult is a class for splitting Interbase/Firebird/non MySQL database query results in multiple pages. As you may know, with the 'LIMIT' clause supported in MySQL SQL syntax, it is easy to paginate data. Since other databases do not support this clause, it is difficult to split large query result sets.SplitPageResult uses a loop to skip result set rows according to ...
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    simpleObjectDB class is a very simple implementation of task of storing and restoring objects.
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    SunMatDB is actually three classes combined: DB, RS and ROW.The DB class opens a connection to the database, executes queries and takes care of the error handling. The RS class takes care of traversing the actual result set including the prev() and next() methods.The ROW class wraps one row of the result set that is returned from a RS object ...
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    gnPaginate creates navigation page number links.Types of page numbers links supported are:- Page number links for all pages.- Floating page numbers with Next/Prev links- All page numbers with Next/Prev links
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    navigInTable class allows to circulate in a table on a field AUTO_INCREMENT, without being concerned with holes of classification.
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    Connect to MS SQL Server Database and execute queries and display results.
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    Microsoft SQL Server connection abstract (basic connection ).
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    populate_sel populates the select form field from mysql table.
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    MARK_MYSQL class is a wrapper for MySQL queries. It is very easy to use.
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    MySQLDataViewer is an event driven wrapper to display the result of a MySQL query in a tabular form. It is very simple to use and powerful, completely configurable with colors and data manipulation at the display time.
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    Touzas MySQL is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class for executing common SQL queries.Touzas MySQL provides functions for establishing database connections and executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements.Limitations:The code and the comments are in Spanish.
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