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Free and open source PHP Database Tools Scripts. These Scripts included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    Phinq is a PHP library for supporting LINQ. It is a feature introduced with the .NET Framework 3.5 that allows more SQL-like querying of any kind of data types. Phinq ports most of LINQ's functionality to PHP, as available with .NET Framework 4.0. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First version.
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    vcs is a PHP library to interface with various VCSs (version control systems). The 'vcs' library enables developers to run PHP code that can query, fetch and affect data and files stored inside a version control system (VCS). Supported operations range from simple file concatenation, to repo creation and fully blown checkouts. Usage instructions are included with the download package. ...
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    PHP CRUD allows us to quickly add an indexed, record-centric, flat-file, database to our projects. Optional Base64 encoding ensures that newlines & other special characters can be used without penalty. (Today many say that "CRUD" stands for "Create Retrieve Update and Delete." While fine for an SQL mindset, many old-timers got used to the acronym standing for "Create READ Update ...
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    PHP-MySQL-Wrapper is a PHP script for database interfacing with MySQL servers. It implements an ActiveRecord-like system for PHP when dealing with MySQL database interactions. A special scritp for CodeIgniter-based apps and websites is also available. Documentation is provided as code comments.
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    phpRetrieve is a Web-based database management toolkit. It allows database administrators to easily build SQL queries and interrogate the database for desired data. All database interfacing is done via a Web interface, accessible through the browser. Features of phpRetrieve:- Config-based install- Easy to use SQL query builder- Export query results to CSV and/or XML- Save queries for later usage- Private ...
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    OBJ MySQL is a simple MySQL Abstraction Layer for PHP>5.2 that provides a simple and secure interaction with your database using mysqli_* functions at its core. OBJ-MySQL is perfect for small scale applications such as cron jobs, facebook canvas campaigns or micro frameworks or sites.
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    PHP SQL Parser is a PHP library for parsing SQL syntax. For now, the PHP SQL Parser library only supports the MySQL SQL dialect. Other dialects can be added, but some hard-coding might be required. All parsed SQL statements will be stored inside an array. Features of PHP SQL Parser:- Supported MySQL statements- DELETE- INSERT- REPLACE- SELECT- SET- UPDATE Limitations:- ...
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    Shard-Query is a PHP script implementing a distributed parallel query engine for MySQL servers. It was developed to be used in environments where MySQL databases are used to process large volumes of data. Implemented as a simple PHP script, Shard-Query reduces query time when dealing with large datasets and allows multi-threaded processing of query data. Features of Shard-Query:- Parallel query ...
  9. CodernityDB-PHPClient
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    CodernityDB-PHPClient is a PHP client library for CodernityDB. This library allows CodernityDB to be used with Python apps natively. CodernityDB is a schemaless open source NoSQL database. An example is included with the download package. Features of CodernityDB-PHPClient:- Connect to database- Query database for data- Insert new data in the database- Delete data- Edit and update data- Encode/decode data in/to ...
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    php-handlersocket is a PHP client library for the HandlerSocket MySQL plugin. HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax. The library provides an interface (API) for HandlerSocket, allowing more control over the plugin from inside a PHP app. It basically allows the developer to trigger CRUD operations from within a ...
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    php-mysql-orm is a PHP script for interfacing with MySQL databases. This script allows PHP developers to connect, save and retrieve data from MySQL databases. It comes with support for most common MySQL operations and ensures a fast way of communicating with the server without plenty of overhead.
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    phpMyAccess is a collection of tools and programs to build web database programs. phpMyAccess is a complete WebDB system based on phpMyEdit. Features of phpMyAccess:- Includes a simple user/permission/menu system.- Edit cell by clicking, modifying, clicking off.- Uses AJAX so no page reload is needed.- Simple user/authentication management using basic authentication.- Simple menu system, including menu management tools.- Extra field ...
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    HSPHP is PHP library for the HandlerSocket MySQL plugin. HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax. The library allows developers to trigger CRUD operations from within a PHP website or app. The native HandlerSocket plugin contains native C++ and Perl client libraries. Other client libraries are also available:PHP (version ...
  14. gReader Library
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    gReader Library is a PHP script for parsing data from a Google Reader account. The script will allow a script/program to authenticate on Google and retrieve various information from a Reader account. It can fetch all subscriptions, add a new one, or mark items as read. Requirements:- Google Reader account credentials What's New in This Version:- Added README file.
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    EasyCSV is a collection of PHP scripts for working with CSV files and data, including tools for both reading and writing CSV files. It can read a file row by row, or even all at once. At the same time it can write a CSV file or it can append to a file row by row. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or ...
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