PHP Data Type

Modeling and manipulating data types
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    Advanced Array Sort sorts two- or multidimensional arrays by one or multiple columns. The assumed array format is always [row][column]([property]). Sorting works ascending as well as descending. There are no limits to either the dimensions of the array or the columns it is sorted by.All that's necessary to pass to Advanced Array Sort is the array to be sorted and ...
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    pTree provides classes that abstract an hierarchical data structures like trees. There is one class for abstracting trees and another for tree nodes. These classes are expected to be extended by sub-classes in concrete applications.The tree node class has functions for adding and removing children nodes, setting and getting the node value, name and comment, and serializing and serializing the ...
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    The default implementation of property setter and getter functions is provided by a base abstract class. Concrete model classes are derived from the base abstract class.Objects of a model class can be created either directly instantiating the class or calling a factory class that takes care of automatically loading the class from a directory where model class files reside.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Extending PHP Enumeration with a sub-class, which defines constant values, is required.Setting or getting the derived class variables with the same name as the constants, can set or get the values of the constants.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Bit Options implements the ArrayAccess interface so you can access boolean values as an array of bits. The entire array of bits can be evaluated and returned as a string with 1s and 0s.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Array Storage class can store and retrieve arrays in textual format with optional compression with the zlib PHP extension.Array Storage just converts array data into PHP code that would rebuild the array when run. Then it can compress the generated code so it can take less space to store for instance in a database BLOB field.
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    Associative Array Ordering can sort the entries of an associative array by the value of the entry keys.Associative Array Ordering is taken from the PHP official manual and slightly modified for own purposes. It comes with base class that performs the sorting.
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    Object Generator generates the Data Access Object (DAO) classes by retrieving the structure of database tables.Object Generator have:- Set and Get functions for each table field.- A function which can retrieve the data from a table record just passing the its id primary key value.Limitations:Object Generator comments are in Spanish.
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    l10n can read files in the JSON files that define arrays that associate original texts to translated texts in a given language.A class array variable is used to store the translated text for future retrieval.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Node Tree can be used to manipulate an hierarchy of objects stored in a MySQL database. It provides basic methods (actions) that includes adding, editing, deleting, copying, moving and sorting object nodes.Node Tree includes scripts that provide a Web interface to manipulate the object hierarchy. Database query debug information is dumped at the end of the scripts.The node classes can ...
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    Binary Tree can be used to manage an hierarchies of objects within a binary.Each object of Binary Tree is a node that may have a reference two descendent objects: the right and the left nodes. Each tree node object may contain a data variable of an arbitrary type.Binary Tree provides functions for adding nodes given the left and right descendent ...
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    Record Tree can execute database queries to traverse an hierarchy of database table records that form a tree.An array containing values of entries of the object in the tree, can be returned.Requirements: PHP 5.00 or higher
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    Form Data Cleaner can be used to sanitise GET and POST values based on expected data type rules. It takes a list of GET and POST request parameters that it should analyse and the respective data types that it expects. Currently Form Data Cleaner supports the types: integer, double, string, boolean and array.String values may be escaped for use in ...
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    Array Manipulation is meant to manipulate data in array entries. It is capable of moving an element from a position to another, deleting an element, and inserting elements in specific position.In PHP you can use array indexed by numeric integer position, associative arrays index by string keys, and arrays indexed by a mix of integers or string keys .Although Array ...
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    List can be used to manage double-linked listed of elements that are automatically sorted. There is a class for managing the lists of elements of any type or class, and another for managing the list nodes of elements.The list class provides means to add new list nodes in a position determined by the sorting criteria.The sorting criteria can be customized ...
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