PHP Data Type

Modeling and manipulating data types
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    Dynamic Setter Getter should be extended by implementation classes so they can automatically benefit from dynamic variables.Attempting to set or get values to inexisting variables will automatically assign or retrieve values from the specified ones.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    var_export is a PHP function that can be used to export variable values as text string. The exported data can be used as an alternative to XML or JSON to pass complex data values between the same or different computers.Evaluator functions can be used to unserialize and restore the original values exported with var_export. Alternatively, it can also parse the ...
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    PHP Sort Class can be used to sort array data using several types of sorting algorithms. It can take an array of numbers and sort it using different algorithms.Currently PHP Sort Class supports: bubble sort, bidirectional bubble sort, heap sort, quick sort, gnome sort, strand sort, merge sort, bogo sort, Jsort, insertion sort and CombSort.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Array and Object Handling can be used to perform several types of manipulation operations of arrays and objects.Array and Object Handling could do this below:- Swap the position of two array elements- Recreate the indexes of an array to make them start from 0 and end in array element count minus one.- Get the index key of the last element- ...
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    Simple Enumeration takes an arrays of strings or numbers to be used as names of the enumerated type entries. It can check whether a string or number is one of the possible enumerated values and return the respective enumerated value.The number of enumerated values can also be returned and displayed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This PHP script is used to serialize and unserialize arrays in compressed data. The var_export function was used in Better Array Storage to create a serialized version of the array which is compressed with zlib library functions.It decompresses the serialized array and uses the PHP eval function to restore the original array values to fulfill the goal of unserializing. The ...
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    Queue is a class for storing and managing data in a queue data structure.
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    Class for manipulating data structured in a hierarchical tree that is stored in a database.php_tree supplies raw functions to display, inject, retrieve and delete information from MySQL database that holds the flat tree information with ident, parent, haschild table-rows.
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    Stack Array can push and pop values of arbitrary types from the top of the stack. It can also search for data values on the stack. If the specified value is found, the value position on the stack is returned.Values can be picked from the stack without removing them.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Single elements or whole arrays can be appended and prepended to an array object.Key Features of xArray:- Iterate over the array elements in several ways- Invert the order of the elements- Search for elements with given values- Sort the array using an iteratorRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Different style (text and background) are allowed for head and even or odd rows, line colors and font dimension. array_to_image allows setting the maximun size (pixel) for the resulting image.Requirements: PHP GD extension
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    One or more PHP call script files can be included to have their structure analyzed.phpMyReflector uses the reflection API to obtain the functions, variables, parent classes, interfaces, and comments of each class found in the included files.The extracted information is used to display in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    3-Level DOM Implementation provides two implementations of the DOM specification:- A very light-weight implementation (TBasicDOM), that you can use when you don't need so many things;- And a complete implementation (the TDOM class) of the Document Object Model Level 3 that follows all the DOM 3 Core specifications according to the
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    The Stack class advantage over the array_push and array_pop function is Stack::pop() pops the stack and returns a reference to the popped element.There is also a top function that returns a reference to the top element.
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    MultiSort can sort a multi-dimensional array in one or more dimensions. By default the string values sorting is case sensitive, but the class can be configured to make case insensitive.
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