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Modeling and manipulating data types
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    TypeSafeStruct provides base classes that can check whether the types of the values to assign variables of implementation subclasses are of the expected types. The expected types are determined by the prefixes of private variables, so it works well even when using PHP compiled code cached extensions. A secondary class can be used to serialize objects as XML documents or ...
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    PHP JSON XML Array String Interchanger can take a document in XML format or JSON and parse it to build an array structure value. A JSON or XML document can also be generated from an array value. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Complete Array Object can be used to make sure that the type of the array entries is one of the several possible ones. The CompleteArrayObject class extends the TypedArrayObject to provide other features. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    List of values can be manipulated as collections, queues, stacks and dictionaries. There are regular versions of these classes and also generic versions which can verify whether the values in the collections are of a given type. Requirements: PHP 5.02 or higher
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    One or more criteria that define how the array entries will be sorted, can be added. Dynamic Multisort builds the argument list with all the criteria and then calls array_multisort function to sort the array. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Generics allows defining the types of values to be returned by generic classes so they can be checked dynamically at run-time. When the defined type does not match returned values exceptions are given. Requirements: PHP 5.02 or higher
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    Several type of operations for manipulating database records that represent nodes tree are supported. Currently Nested set can create the root node, insert a node, retrieve a node, retrieve the tree of nodes, display the tree as nested HTML lists, delete a node, get the path of the parents of a node and move nodes to the left or the ...
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    The definition of objects can be composed in order to be visualized by the JIT library with Tool_JIT. When all objects are composed, Tool_JIT generates a string in JSON with the details of the definition of the objects.
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    DataComparison allows sorting any array consisting of arrays with key value pairs. Enjoy it and have fun with DataComparison.
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    Multiple functions to manipulate and generate arrays are included in ubarray. Key Features of ubarray:- Generate an array with values made of keys and values of an associative array separated by colons- Generate an associative array parsing values of another array that have the array keys and values separated by colons- Verify whether a value is an array and return ...
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    Adv XML to Array can transform XML data to an array and vice-versa using DOM XML API. It preserves encoding, namespaces and attributes. Adv XML to Array is mainly used for creating XML documents from data taken from HTML forms.
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    Array To takes an associative array and generates an CSV file from the values in the array. It can also generate files with other configurable separators besides commas. A string representing a valid definition of the array structure can also be returned. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Collection implements an SPL iterator that can manage collections of values as if the class objects were arrays. Operations like adding, merging, sorting, counting, removing and checking the values are supported by Collection. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Filter Array into Categorized format traverses an array with associative array search for entries with a given key string. A new array with associative array entries, grouped by the same key string value, is built. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Sorted List extends the double linked list class by Oddleif Halvorsen to implement lists of objects that are sorted. Sorted List can sort the list element objects once they are added to the list. The sorting order is always ascending.
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