PHP Data Type

Modeling and manipulating data types
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    Dictionary class implements the IDictionary interface to access associative arrays. It is based on the Dictionary Object of the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. It is a PHP Dictionary object equivalent to the Perl associative array.The dictionary items can be any type. These items are stored in the dictionary array. Each item is associated to an unique key. The key is ...
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    Double-Linked List class can be used to manage circular double-linked lists of objects. There is one list class and a base node class.The list class provides functions for adding nodes, iterating over the node list in the forward or backwards directions, remove one or all nodes.
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    bin2array allows you to convert or get data in: binary, hexa, decimal, etc and use it as integer, string, array representations.
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    FIFO Queue provides an implementation of FIFO queue. You can push any type of objects to the queue and pop them by the order they were retrieved.FIFO Queue comes in distinct versions for PHP 4 and for PHP 5 using an abstract base class and private and public variables and functions.
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    SortMultiArray will return a sorted multi-dimmensional array sorted by one of the columns in the array. It can sort in ascending and descenting order.
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    Stat1 is a statistic class that accepts one or two unidimensional arrays of data.
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    Binary Parser serializes and unserializes binary data, so you can read and write binary data files for exchange with programs written in languages like C and Pascal.Currently Binary Parser is able to handle just the following types: signed integers (small 8 bits, short 16 bits, int 32 bits), unsigned integers (byte 8 bits, word 16 bits, dword 32 bits) and ...
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    array_dump.class.php is meant to generate a view of the data in a simple or multidimensional array using indentation and different colors for different results.
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    Queue Theory can be used to calculate several types of factors of the queue theory. It provides a generic queue abstract class and several concrete classes with different queue implementations.Currently Queue Theory can calculate the following queue factors: Lambda, Mu, Rho, Po, Pn, Ls, Lq, Ws and Wq values of MM1, MM2 and MMC tails.
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    Sort script provides and implementation of several algorithms to sort the elements of an array. The algorithms that are implemented are: Merge sort, Shell sort and Bubble sort.
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    Mergesort produces a sorted sequence of an array form index $startuntil index $end.function Merge_sort sorts the input array directly. function MS_get gives a new array with a sorted sequence of the input array and leave the input array unchanged.
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    Brim::QuickSort implements the QuickSort algorithm to sort arrays of objects.It uses a comparator callback class with a function that compares two objects and returns -1, 0 or 1 to indicate whether the objects are equal or which one is greater in respect to the sorting criteria.
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    This class is meant to be used to validate the data, for instance entered in forms. It supports the detection of multibyte text characters.The files provided are in EUC-JP format.It provides following types of validations:- E-mail addresses- Dates- Only alphabetic character strings- Only alphanumeric character strings- Detects strings using a multibyte encoding (Asian character sets)- Verify whether strings contain only ...
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