PHP Cryptography

PHP Cryptography script is mainly used to hash, encrypt and decrypt data for security systems. It can also used to encode PHP scripts to protect the code.
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    You ever wanted to establish an crypted connection between a server and a client? Perhaps we have a free solution for you: Transcrypt. The content gets crypted the the ARC4 (RC4 cmpatible) algorithm and sent to the client. The client can see the content after entering the password.
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    Expire Class is the generated code is encrypted using MD5. Of course, the script can also decrypt the generated code and check if it has expired. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher What's New in This Release Expire Class:- Change the include location.- Change the class name from expire to Expire.
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    EasyCry is used to take a string of data and with a given key using pure PHP methods to encrypt it. It is easy for you to compress encrypted data. The oppiste functions can also be fulfilled with this free PHP script, to decompress and decrypt the previously encrypted data using the same key.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    PHP Encrypt/Decrypt Text! includes an encrypt and decrypt function that will change normal text into an encrypted version using PHP's strtr(); function. It basically changes every known character in the arrays to a different character, ex: a=>9, b=>é, c=>r, etc. Note: This script uses a very easy algorithm, if it could even be considered that, and isn't recommended for extremely ...
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    PHP Profuscator is a php script that encrypts and/or obfuscates php and html contents using one of four possible methods. Some methods are more secure, making it possible to lock the scripts on your server so they would not run anywhere else if copied or moved.
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    With the script PHP Hash Generator, just enter in any string you would like hashed in the selected format, or all formats by clicking all encryptions, and the results will be displayed under OUTPUT. Very simple and easy to use! Only Feature of PHP Hash Generator:- encryption and no decryption. The available encryptions are: - MD5, - MD4, - SHA-1, ...
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    Session Cookie Class can set values for a group of variables and store an encrypted version in an cookie with a given name. The script can also handle decrypting the cookie and retrieving the original values. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SecurityAuthParam can take a string or array of values to be passed as query parameters in an URL and encrypt it using a given private key. An encrypted string or array value passed in the current URL can also be decrypted and its integrity can be verified. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    PHP Encryption is a given PHP script can be parsed and the names of used variables can be replaced with more obfuscated names.The new names of the replaced variables can be retrieved by looking at a variable of the class.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Magic Consistent Hash Script is an array of hash values is used as parameter. The Magic Consistent Hash Class takes a string as argument and returns the same entry from the hash array values for each string argument.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    cpCrypt is a simple PHP script to generate 2-way encryption strings.cpCrypt allows you to generate and them retrieve a password, considering that you have the key for it, of course.
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    shaCrypt takes a string of data and applies several functions to scramble the data. Then it uses an SHA1 has of the key to encrypt the scrambled data by using the XOR function.The SHA1 hash of the key can also be used to decrypt the encrypted data. Then it unscrambles the data using functions that invert the result of the ...
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    Several details that identify the current user can be determined, such as the browser, operating system or the IP address. A hash that can be used to determine if the user is the same in subsequent accesses, can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    AES 128 2-way encryption library is a 2-way encryption library for PHP. The script is useful when you need to store username/password information in a database for a 3rd party service such as twitter.
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    SRCrypt takes the bytes string of data and adds the value of the bytes of a secret key to generate the encrypted data result. Previously encrypted data can also be decrypted by subtracting the values of the key's bytes. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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