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Free and open source PHP Counters Scripts. Counters Scripts show you a image based, text based or real-time Counters to help you check the status of the site,
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    1760 total visits
    Access Counter classes is a simple class that can keep track of page accesses by storing the number of user accesses in server side files.Access Counter classes can store the access counts of multiple pages of a site in single file. That file contains a serialized array with entries that store the number of accesses for each of the site ...
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    1593 total visits
    counter visits class is meant to record the number of site user visits in a MySQL database table.The class provides a function for incrementing the number of visits in the current day. It should be used in conjunction PHP sessions to prevent counting more than one visit of the same user in the same day.counter visits class also provides functions ...
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    1665 total visits
    Smart Counter class can be used to count the number of visitor of a site using a MySQL database table. It can keep track of the total visitors of a site, visitors of a given page, visitors in the current day and the active visitors (access in the last 5 minutes).The visits of users of the same IP address are ...
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    1753 total visits
    Simple Php and MySQL counter. 2 in 1 - visitor count (session) - page download count.
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    1745 total visits
    simple counter that shows the pageimpressions of a page (mysql backend). If you want to count real visitors of your site, you have to use the script 'azvisitor' which is also available on Installing script included
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    1170 total visits
    Features of UVCS:- Very simple text based counter. - No database needed. - Well commented php.
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    1770 total visits
    Easy to install text based counter.. is a really simple invisible counter that gives you day by day unique and raw hits that your site gets. It also gives you the total hits starting by the first time you installed the counter. Also, it gives you the full report of the referrers. Easy to install text based counter.. is using ...
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    1892 total visits
    Its very easy to install and use! All it does is what every counter does: It counts on each visit of an user. But it will store the IP so it can count the visitors instead of hits and you can view the IPs of the last visitors. txt/ipCounter also has the option to ignore the wabmaster if you have ...
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    1796 total visits
    Shows how many users you have on your site. Uses one of two different Javascript loaders to display on site. Uses files to store the info.Uses only 2 files. Skinable, uses 1 file for skining. Everying else is done through 1 file. The script also has unlimited colored rows.
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    1820 total visits
    A simple counter with either graphics or text with an installer file and the possibility to choose your own graphics, support forums to help you with handling it!!
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    1256 total visits
    txtPHPCounter is a simple script that can display: Total Hits, Unique Hits, and Hits from each unique Visitor in either text OR graphical mode. It can also output a list of all the visitors. Everything is stored in text files.
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    1805 total visits
    Why not have a counter on your website so you can see how many visitors you are getting. PHPCountMe can be used as a text or image counter. With 10 different types of number displays, you will find one to suit your website. Extremely easy to configure with the usual step by step walk through installation. Try it out now ...
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    1721 total visits
    Browzin'! lists active users of your site over a specified period of time. Everything can be configured to your taste. It currently uses a MySQL database on backend but a text-only version will be released in the near future.
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    1726 total visits
    Cookies Text Counter is a simple PHP script that allows you to display a text counter using cookies on your Web page.
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    1319 total visits
    Access Text Counter is a simple PHP script that allows you to display a text-based access counter on your Web page. It uses a flat text file for data storing.
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