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Free and open source PHP Counters Scripts. Counters Scripts show you a image based, text based or real-time Counters to help you check the status of the site,
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    2080 total visits
    ML Log can be used to log Web site visitors in a MySQL database and compute statistics from the logged information. It uses sessions to destinguish each visitor. It can determine the visitors county by looking up a database table with information of the countries associated to each IP address range.ML Log provides functions for display the visitor log entries ...
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    2092 total visits
    RTCounter is a very simple php counter that doesn't requires mysql and keeps track of how many unique pageviews your site has.
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    1900 total visits
    Access Pattern Counter is meant to keep track of the count of users access to the pages of a site. The counter class can also output the current access count in an HTML table.Page accesses are considered by the remote user computer IP address only if sufficient time has passed, by default one hour. During this access window, a count ...
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    1832 total visits
    Page Counter can be used to display a graphical page hit counter. It read, update and stores the page hit counts in text files.The counter is displayed a sequence of HTML tags for images that represent each digit of the current page hit count. The counter digits may display trailing zeros. The width and height of the digit images can ...
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    1470 total visits
    Well its a very simple hits counter that only logs individual hits, in other words one hit per person per visit. Its work simply by checking the visitors Remote Address and logs it as a SESSION. Once the visitor enters your site the session is then logged with their Remote Address and the hits counter logs one hit. For as ...
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    1600 total visits
    x64 Simple Counter can be used to count site visits using flat files to store visit statistics.It logs the visiting users IP address in order to know if the visitor was already counted. It may also be used to know if a visitor already voted in a poll.
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    2059 total visits
    The Ultimate Web Counter is a Freeware tool to can add to your web site that will allow visitors to choose counters to add to their own sites. One of the only scripts of its kind!Features of Ultimate Web Counter:- Written in HTML and JavaScript, so the page is platform-independent (works on any kind of hosting account, even free ones!)- ...
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    1567 total visits
    UsersOnline calculates the number of users on a website, using a timeout method.
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    2267 total visits
    Little Counter is a simple class that keeps track of the accesses of users to the pages of a site using a MySQL table to record the user access hits.Little Counter connects to the MySQL database and records in the counter table the IP address of the user accessing the site and the current time. The class assumes that each ...
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    1607 total visits
    CCounter stores all unique ip's in a simple flat text file and increments the count for each unique ip's visit.CCounter allows you to track how many times a single IP has visited your page, how many unique ip's have visited, and the total visits (sum of all unique visits) ... along with telling a visitor what there ID is in ...
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    2408 total visits
    Counter Class with graphics is a graphical user visit counter class. It supports discarding multiple visits of the same user.Counter graphical presentation is available in various styles: star trek, hearts and disco. You can make your own styles easily.
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    1895 total visits
    phpHitCounter is a class that can logs and display the number of users that visited a site.The count of hits is stored in one file. The log of the visitors IP address and access time can be optionally recorded in another file. The class can display an hit count either using images or text digits.Feature of phpHitCounter:- Simple Hit Counter ...
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    1617 total visits
    Reports the number of users that are currently online.
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    1771 total visits
    AzDGOnlineUsers count online users on the all pages where class-code are included.AzDGOnlineUsers may count:- Users on all pages (website) or only this page.- Hits number from last $sec time in the site or only this page.
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    1617 total visits
    JPCounterClass can be used to count the accesses to the pages of a site storing the statistics in MySQL database tables. It provides a function to record the hits on each page in the counter table.JPCounterClass also can retrieve several types of statistics like the total number of accesses to all site pages or just in a given page, number ...
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