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Free and open source PHP Counters Scripts. Counters Scripts show you a image based, text based or real-time Counters to help you check the status of the site,
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    1960 total visits
    phpMyCoCo can be used as a hit counter and per-page commenting system.
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    1423 total visits
    counter.php tracks the number of visits and user agents used. Easy to use, just fit for new phper i think. Are you a new phper?
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    1763 total visits
    Hits Counter handles the request to serve the file contents with the appropriate HTTP headers. It supports resuming partially downloaded files.The file download counters are stored in files that are read and updated once a file served by the class is fully downloaded.Download links can be generated and the current count for a given file can be presented.
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    1761 total visits
    An IP address is only counted once per day, without the need of cookies. A plain text file is used to store the data.Monthly snapshots of the counter can also be saved.
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    2187 total visits
    Stopwatch emulates a stopwatch that can measure partial and final time elapsed between events named as laps. It takes the time since the start and the time that is taken on each lap.The final results are sorted by lap time. A percentage of total time taken on each lap takes is also shown. A practical example usage of this class ...
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    1546 total visits
    vinWebStats creates simple statistics regarding Web page hits.
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    1680 total visits
    The counter row is generated the first time when the page is accessed and unique counts are performed by month.
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    2030 total visits
    The remaining time can be displayed in different languages using translation texts that can be passed at runtime.
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    1758 total visits
    LTimer can start a timer, pause the time count, resume the timer, and retrieve the time the time that elapsed during the periods the timer was running.The elapsed time can be returned in seconds and milliseconds.Requirements: PHP 4.0.4 or higher
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    1477 total visits
    The text string is being normalized by converting several types of word separators into white spaces. Then it splits the string into groups of characters separated by spaces.Word Counter returns the number of groups of characters that contain at least one letter or digit to skip counting groups of characters made only of punctuation or other types of characters.Requirements:PHP 3.0 ...
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    1984 total visits
    spiderCount v1.2 is a simple image-based hit counter. This script increments a hit count every time it is called. The hit count is stored in a plain text file. spiderCount then outputs the count as a PNG image. The PNG image is generated using images of the digits 0-9. The user can begin the counter at any number. The user ...
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    1688 total visits
    Tcounter - a counter with graph and trends is a simple hitcounter based on PHP and MySQL.Features of Tcounter - a counter with graph and trends:- Visibile and invisible - Manages different counters with different names in order to follow trend of different pages - Records data per month over MySQL database - Show trend in graphical way - Download ...
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    1581 total visits
    DRBCounter is a simple PHP hit counter script that doesn't require a database. It allows you to put a text-based hit counter on virtually any page on your web site. You may customize the colors and fonts using standard CSS styles. Data is stored in flat files, therefore no database is required. Cookies are used to prevent duplicate hits. DRBCounter ...
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    1622 total visits
    Simpli Easy FREE Counter Script is a GREAT and SIMPLE to install page counter for your website. It's so simple, that all you need to do is upload and include the counter into your webpage(s) and it will track every page with a numbers display providing you with an easy way to track users and pages. Simple Installation instructions inlcuded.
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    2308 total visits
    Flat File Hit Counter will allow you to track the number of (non-unique) visitors to your site. It keeps track of the number of hits to each page separately and displays the hit counts in order of popularity.
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