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Free and open source PHP Counters Scripts. Counters Scripts show you a image based, text based or real-time Counters to help you check the status of the site,
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    1399 total visits
    Counter of Visitors-7 is an Open Source PHP counter script for show counter in text or graphic format. Scripts have filter for robots and use text file for store value of counter.The "read me" file has detailed instructions for installation, so this can use even beginner web master.
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    1738 total visits
    A Simple Yet Effective PHP Web Counter is designed with both simplicity and completeness in mind. Features:- IP-address, - Hostname, - Google Keyword and Referer tracking.Blazing fast flat file databases (No SQL needed) includes:- efficient management interface,- Twitter support, - multilingual, - super easy to set up, - maintain and of course edit. Update: New version 1.4.0 features a more ...
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    1639 total visits
    Page Views is a php plugin that allows web developers to count the number of people that view a web page. It is a PHP counter script. It can be used with any custom web page and can be integrated into any php program. Page Views is absolutely free and Open Source PHP sript.
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    1781 total visits
    The counter shows: Daily, weekly, montly, yearly and all visitors + online record. It is working with an text file, thus there is no database needed.The PHP Counter Script is based on an text file and needs no database. The script includes an IP blocker and blocks of lot of bots, to get sure that only real visitors will be ...
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    2052 total visits
    CcCounter 2.0 is a FREE php counter script that doesn't require any database or language knowledge. Informations are stored on flat text files, and they are processed by a php script to visualize statistics about page counts, browsers, operating systems, and countries of the people that visited your site.These informations are available for each month, too. In addition, installation is ...
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    2392 total visits
    Online Visitors Count uses the IP address of the visitor accessing the site to keep track of the visit in a MySQL database. Online Visitors Count is a free PHP counter script.The number of visitors still active for the last five minutes is returned by default.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    2101 total visits
    TimeConsumer can start measuring the time different sections of the script take to execute. Each section can have a different name. The measurement can be stopped and the time each section took to finish can be displayed. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    1838 total visits
    Benchmark stopwatch can start measuring the time in milliseconds that passes since any given point of a PHP script. It can also suspend and resume the time measuring any time later in the script. A formatted string representing the lists of periods of time registered is returned. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    1874 total visits
    Total Visits Counter (Graphic) Scripts Set is intended to count the total number of unique visitors of your site by checking the referer IP addresses and display it as images. php easy :: total visits counter (graphic) scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use total visits counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:- php include() directive;- html iframe widget;- javascript widget. ...
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    1522 total visits
    Online Visitors Counter Scripts Set is intended to count and display the number of unique visitors currently viewing your site by checking the referer IP addresses. php easy :: online visitors counter scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use online visitor counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:- php include() directive- html iframe widget- javascript widget While php include() directive can ...
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    1849 total visits
    SVs Simple Counter, a simple PHP counter that counts your website visitors. SVs Simple Counter now has the ability to either show the count as plain text, or images; and whether or not to count only unique hits, or all hits.
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    1648 total visits
    The visit count is stored in a MySQL database table. ShellCont uses cookies to determine whether users are new visitors or the same visitor that already accessed the site pages. The cookie expires after 24 hours.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higherLimitations: The class code and comments are in Portuguese.
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    1841 total visits
    A session is started for each new user visiting the site and its identifier is stored in a MySQL database.PHP Online Users can update the last visit time and remove user records that have not visited the site since a given time limit.Requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    2220 total visits
    Page visit counts are stored in text files. Each time a user visits a page the class adds or updates an array entry that counts the number of visits to that page. The array is serialized and store in a text file.giCounter reads the text file and unserializes the array to get the count of visited site pages.Requirements: PHP 3 ...
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    2081 total visits
    A text file is used to store the number of page hits.Simple text-based counter can record recent IPs to prevent "counter-boosts" and the timeout setting is configurable.
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