PHP Conversion

Unit and datatype conversion
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    Date Buddy is a simple class that can convert date and time values between PHP, ISO, MySQL and United States backwards date and time formats.
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    CurrencyConverter can convert from USD, CAD, EUR and GBP to over 150 different currencies.
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    Hex2Bin makes a conversion of hex numbers into binary strings.
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    Class to handle string that needs to be converted to some format.
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    Text files are a common means to store data that many application still use, like for instance log files or tabular data files.This class is meant to convert tabular text data or files into arrays.After converting the data into an array, it is easier to manipulate or convert to other formats, such as inserting into databases or generating reports.
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    Powerful class for converting values between different units, such as weight, volume, currency, etc..
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    conv.class can convert a string or a number format into a currency format. It also can convert an MySQL date format into German date format and vice-versa.
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    Arabic and Roman Numeral Convertor can validate and convert numbers between the Arabic format used nowadays by everebody and the representation format used in the Roman empire days.
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    This Math Script containing only one function numconv($systemin, $systemout, $number, $length). With this function you can convert a value from one number system to another. For example hexadecimal to decimal or octal to binary or five-system to six-system. Any combination is possible.
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    Convert HTML files to PHP program. Use this to convert all your HTML files to powerful programming in PHP. Very useful for embedding vast number of HTML files into your PHP classes or programs using function call include(), require(), include_once() or require_once().See also functions include(), include_once() which can include the HTML files (like include("sample.html")
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    binary-to-text (and back) converter is a simple, just for fun"program that lets you insert text into a form and convert the characters to their binary equivalent (e.g. 01100001) and back again.
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    Punchcard Coder is a PHP script that can convert a string into a Punchcard.
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