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Unit and datatype conversion
  1. ml2en
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    ml2en convert Malayalam script to Roman characters. It is a simple system that takes Malayalam characters and converts them one by one to classic Latin characters. The script does not translate the text, but simply converts Malayalam to Latin characters. The text will still be in Malayalam, but with Latin characters. ml2en is currently available in JavaScript, Python 3 and ...
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    kml2json is a KML to JSON converter. KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a XML file format variant for storing and transporting geolocation data. KML is generally used with mobile devices and is a well known and very used format in geo-coding. The kml2json library does exactly what its name says. It takes a KML file and exports its data to ...
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    Fluid Grid Generator is a tool to convert static grids to fluid layouts. Fluid Grid Generator can calculate dynamic fluid grid layouts and automatically generate the necessary CSS code to render it out. Configurable parameters include:- Number of columns- Width of a column- Gutter width
  4. No Screenshot
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    The script runs very fast and saves resources. The design, usability and security was a top priority. The newest version also has protection against Session-Hijacking/Fixation and integrated a newly developed security module. HTML5 and CSS3 layout, packed into DIVs create a modern and contemporary look and easy expandability. The script can be easily customized to your needs and conveniently managed ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    PHP Backporter is a PHP utility for converting PHP 5.3 code to PHP 5.2. It allows easy syntax porting from PHP 5.3 branch to 5.2. Features of PHP Backporter:- Changes Lambda functions to normal functions- Converts closures into classes- All namespaces are transformed into underscore-separated pseudo namespaces- Converts const statements to separate define function calls- All __DIR__ magic constant are ...
  6. phpCSS
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    phpCSS is a PHP script for converting CSS to PHP arrays which reads an entire CSS file and stores it inside an array for later processing, like sorting, CSS analysis, etc.. A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Fixed bug, the __construct permission declaration was set as private therefore ...
  7. Bangla Date
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    Bangla Date is a PHP script which can be used to convert dates to Bangla format. It supplied dates in a standard international format are formatted to the respective date in Bangla format. A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
  8. No Screenshot
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    phplural is a PHP library for converting single words to plural. It also works the reverse way, from plural to singular form. An example is included with the download package. Limitations:- Works with English words only.
  9. Craur
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    Craur is a PHP-based XML to JSON converter, and vice-versa. It can also work with CSV files instead of XML and can be used for writing XML/JSON importers or to implement a convention for converting XML to JSON without loosing any information. What's New in This Version:- XML with 0 as value, did not work.- Calling a class did not ...
  10. RRSlug
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    RRSlug is a PHP script for creating URL slugs. Pass it a formatted text string and the script will convert it to an URL friendly slug. It can transforms text like this: "SofTpedIa tested script" into "softpedia-tested-script".Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    PDF to image converter using PHP is designed to convert uploaded PDF files into JPEG images using Ghostscript. The converted images are stored in files numbered according to the respective PDF document page. Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Shref Image vs ASCII is a simple class that can convert the contents of any binary file to a stream of ASCII data and vice-versa. The resulting converted data can be saved to another file or stored in a class variable.
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    There are two functions in this scripts which be used to convert from/to MySQL DB. One use to convert date from DD-MM-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD, and another one convert date from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY.
  14. Dec2RomanNumConverter
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    This class can be used to convert numbers between decimal and roman representations and vice-versa.It takes a number between 1 and 10999 and converts it to a string that represents the number with roman digits.The class can also do the opposite, i.e. take a string that contains a number represented with roman digits and converts it to decimal.
  15. No Screenshot
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    PHP/JavaScript Data Translation provides a PHP class for facilitating the translation of data variables and objects into JavaScript code for client-side processing on a website.
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