PHP Configuration

Configuration formats parsing and generation
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    Config Magik is meant to read and write configuration files in the .ini format.Features of Config Magik:- Load and save ini style configuration files- Optional automatic synchronization by updating the file after each change of a key value- Protected mode for securing your sensitive data from being accessed directly from the Web- Supports for sections- Add and remove key value ...
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    Writing and reading configuration for your scripts has never been so easy. Using MySQL as the backend and a minimal, automatically updated conf.php file, SQLconf provides a solution for all your configuration needs.
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    PHP.ini creator that would suggest changes to your php.ini file as well as generate an updated version.Features of PHP.ini creator:- Parses a pasted php.ini file and generates a comparison table- Allows you to change values on specific elements- Generates a php.ini file to replace your existing one- Add the entire php.ini database. Right now, there are only like 5 verified ...
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