PHP Configuration

Configuration formats parsing and generation
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    Parses .ini files and supplies utility functions for writing and modification. Uses parse_ini_file PHP's function for faster parsing.
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    Simple INI is a simple class that can be used to read, modify and generate configuration files in the .INI format. It reads .INI files using PHP parse_ini_file to store the configuration values in associative arrays.Simple INI provides functions to set and get specific values of each configuration option. When the values are changed, the class may also be used ...
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    Read/Write INI-Files.
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    SMB Conf is meant to parse and recreate a smb.conf file that is used by the tools of the Samba package to access Windows shares.After parsing you are able to edit the contents of a smb.conf file that are stored in an array. After you make any changes to that array, you can also use the class to update the ...
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    pConfig can be used to create and manage hierarchical configuration files. The configuration is defined as a tree of unlimited depth on which the nodes may contain any type of values.The class read and write the configuration to files. The class supports writing configuration files in a protected mode, which consists of generating a PHP script file that does not ...
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    Lib Script Parser is meant to parse configuration files that define hierarchies of settings with unlimited depth. It builds associative arrays with the names of the options and the respective values.
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    Configurator is meant to read and write configuration files with structure similar to those of Apache.Configurator was tested with a normal httpd.conf file of Apache. While it could not read more than one directive with the same name, it could parse that configuration file successfully.
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    ini.class.php handles ini files and defaults.
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    Easy Registry can manage configuration data stored in a registry database file using SQLite. It provides a visual editor for editing records in registry database.The presentation of the visual editor can be easily customized by editing a CSS file.
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    Mrasnika's configuration system uses an XML file to store a data structure for keeping different kind of settings. The XML file has different element of several data types, which are validated when the settings are stored or retrieved.The settings from the configuration file are split in different groups, depending on the purpose for which they are used in the application. ...
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    Configuration is meant to read and write configuration files similar to INI files. The configuration files may have multiple sections with the possibility to define multiple levels of access that determine whether a given section is considered or nor.The section levels are identified by names like for instance: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL. The class provides means to add, remove, ...
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    iniRWC can read and write configuration settings in files in the .INI format.Functions of iniRWC:- Parse .INI files and return an associative array with the names of the defined parameters and the respective values- Create .INI files from an associative array of parameter values.- Change or add parameters to existing .INI files.iniRWC may also generate PHP files with code that ...
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    configfile class is used to build a web pages allowing to edit a configuration file.
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    Read Ini Files is a simple class meant to parse configuration files in the ini format and extract the values of given keys.
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    Config Tool is meant to read configuration information from the external text file. Configuration information is placed in the text file with normal format as name-value pairs.With Config Tool you can read and use configuration variables with object reference, modify key value pairs and save modified object back to the file.Class supports commenting with your favourite marks. Only alphabetically started ...
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