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Configuration formats parsing and generation
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    Ianaz Configuration Class can be used to create a configuration file as a PHP script. It takes as parameters the names and values of several configuration variables.Ianaz Configuration Class generates a PHP script file that assigns a variable with an associative array with the defined configuration variables. The name of the array variable is configurable.Ianaz Configuration Class may generate a ...
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    TIniFile can be used to parse and manipulate configuration files in the INI format.Functions of TIniFile:- Parse an INI file and store the configuration entries in a class variable- Delete specific configuration entries or whole sections- Get the definitions of a whole section as a string- Get the section definitions keys and values as arrays- Check whether a key exists- ...
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    Simple YAML Config Reader can be used to read configuration settings from file YAML format. It uses a separate class named SPYC, written by Chris Wanstrath, to parse YAML configuration files and returns an associative array with pairs of configuration options and the respective values.The configuration class uses the singleton pattern, so a configuration file is loaded and parsed only ...
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    INI Manager can be used to manipulate configuration files in the ini format. It can search for option entries, add new options, change or delete existing options.The entries are manipulated by specifying the name of the ini file as parameters. The file is created automatically if necessary.
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    Nmn Logger class abstracts the logging of messages to different logging targets. There is a factory class that instantiates the logging driver class that performs that actual logging actions.There driver classes for logging messages to file, display the messages as part of the current script output or send the log messages to a given e-mail address. The current logging driver ...
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    HTAccess mod_rewrite can be used to interpret a subset Apache directives that can be defined in .htaccess configuration files.HTAccess mod_rewrite takes as parameter the directive lines of configuration of an .htaccess file to interpret and process the directives.Currently it only supports the directives RewriteBase and RewriteRule of the mod_rewrite Apache module.The class can take the request URL and rewrite it, ...
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    Mime type handler can read the MIME type list from a configuration file. It reads and parse the MIME type list file. The configuration file associates file name extensions with MIME type names.
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    Logger class oLogger can be used to generate and process log files stored in XML format.Logger class oLogger can add new log entries defined by XML nodes using values defined in an array class variable. The class can also parse a log file and display the log entries.
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    ABG_IniParser can be used to parse and write configuration files in the ini format.Functions of ABG_IniParser:- Parse an ini file and store its data structure in an array class variable.- Check whether the ini file can be written to before storing back it contents.- Retrieve or check an option value by section and option name.- Create a new section or ...
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    phpConfig can be used to create and modify application configuration files that are actually PHP scripts.phpConfig can parse variable declarations inside a PHP script and retrieve the variable values into an associative array. Currently it only supports single quoted string variables. phpConfig can also add, modify and delete configuration variables.The modified configuration version can be saved back to the PHP ...
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    robots.spider(tm) will read a robots.txt file and compare it with the pages on the site. Search engines spider the site. If there are no references to a directory or file, it will not be indexed. robots.txt files should not refer to unreferenced content because it allows other viewers to identify areas of your site that you don't want indexed. The ...
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    Universal configuration tool for any program that use a .ini or other text file to store the options including PHP. A configuration set with list of values is included for PHP.
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    A simple ini parser can be used to read and write configuration files in the .ini format. It can pares an .ini file and store the configuration values in a multidimensional array. It can read a complete sections or a specific value of a given section.A simple ini parser can also set and get specific values of each configuration option. ...
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    ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can be used to read and write application XML configuration files. It emulates the behavior of the ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings class of the .NET framework.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can create new configuration files. If a configuration file with a given path do not exist, it creates the file. It provides functions for setting or getting the configuration value for a given key. If a ...
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    Properties implements the same API of the Java package java.util.Properties to manipulate configuration property files. It is particularly useful in environments on which more than one programming language is used.There are implementations of this API for Java and Perl. This class implements the same API using PHP 5. Properties provides functions for adding properties, changing property values, removing properties, saving ...
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