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Configuration formats parsing and generation
  1. AcronymIT
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    AcronymIT can be used to locate and process acronyms within text phrases. It can read a list of known acronyms from a file in the INI format.AcronymIT can search for the acronyms in a given text and replace them by HTML links to the respective Wikipedia pages about such topics.The links have title texts also defined in the INI file, ...
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    Jasny's Config class is a PHP script for working with configuration files and allows developers to use preset options by loading a configuration file inside their application or website. The script seamlessly supports config file formats like YAML, JSON and INI. It also includes additional support for loading settings from a MySQL databases as well. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher ...
  3. ConfigMagic
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    ConfigMagic is a simple PHP script for managing multiple config files which allows developers to easily switch between configs when running an app. It provides more options and a faster switch between various different settings.
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    Free URL Rotator is a script configured for PHP 4.0.6 and under, no need to restart your browser when changing the username and/or password. With Free URL Rotator Script a different site will load each time you click on link.
  5. analog
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    Analog is a short and simple logging script based on the idea of using closures for configurability and extensibility. It functions as a static script, but you can completely control the writing of log messages through a closure function. This script also comes with a dozen pre-written handlers in the Analog/Handlers folder, with examples for each in the examples folder.Requirements:- ...
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    NConf is a PHP based web-tool for configuring the Nagios monitoring software. It differs from similar tools by offering enterprise-class features like templates, dependencies and the ability to configure a large-scale, distributed Nagios server topology. It is mainly targeted at sysadmins, who already know Nagios, but are looking for a more convenient way of managing their configuration files. Features of ...
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    INI handler is developed with the aim of reading and writing configuration values to INI files. This PHP script is capable of reading INI files and then to retrieve, change or delete configuration values. It can also be used to display the values of the configuration values retrieved from the INI file.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This class can be used to parse and extract values of properties defined in XML files in the format specified by Sun Microsystems. The class is a OpenSource PHP XML script.It can take the path, file name and language of a XML properties file and parses it.The class makes available the properties values by the means of an accessory function. ...
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    This class can be used to manipulate configuration values in INI files. It can read and parse a given INI file and extract the sections and configuration values. The class can also add or modify given configuration values, as well delete certain sections or values. The modifications can be saved back to the INI file. Requirement: 5.0
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    Generates a set of php configuration classes from a supplied xml file. You can then access your configuration values very quickly without having to parse the xml file on every request. This class can be used to generate a PHP class from an XML file. It is a professional PHP code generator. The element (tag) names become property names and ...
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    This class parses a PEAR log file and output the contents.The log lines that are processed may be restricted by a given filter criteria or range of dates.The class may also return the log lines in an array to allow custom formatting by script that calls the class.
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    Configuracion can be used to generate PHP scripts with configuration values. It can add one or more configuration variables to a list. Configuracion is a free PHP code generator. The script generates a PHP script file with code that assigns the given values to the respective values.
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve keys and values from the Windows registry. It uses PHP's COM functionality to access the registry via WMI.
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve configuration values in MySQL.Configuration values are stored in a MySQL table.The class can retrieve the values from that table as well. It can create and drop the table for storing the configuration values when needed.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Class Generator can be used to generate a script from configuration defined in XML files. Class Generator is a professional PHP code generator. It takes a XML file with definitions of classes and objects that should have certain variables set to specified values.The script generates the defined classes and instantiate objects of the defined classes with the values specified in ...
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