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PHP Compression Script provides a solution to manipulate data compression/uncompression, file archive in the format of ZIP, GZIP, TAR, RAR, etc. It can also compact CSS, JS, HTML files by removing unnecessary characters, comments and white spaces.
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    This PHP file, CSS file compression script is the best tool to compress CSS files of your page before output. The number of bytes can be reduced by many executed types of operations that a string of CSS definitions occupies. CSS Compressor can merge multiple CSS file into one with the purpose of reducing number of HTTP request. This files ...
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    This PHP script helps you to open an ZIP archive and extract the contect of the ZIP archive. New files can also be added and then packed again to serve for download without creating files in memory.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
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    This PHP script provides a pure PHP solution to create packed archives in CAB format from a given list of files. A CAB archive files, directories or even files can be added by MakeCAB from remote web servers. The generated CAB archive is written to a specified file.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
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    This PHP script is to compress CSS files by removing unnecessary characters, CssShrink first takes the content of a CSS file, and then removes comments, white spaces and semi-colons after statements at the end of the line to compress CSS file. Fianlly the compressed CSS output will return as a string.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or higher
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    This PHP script is used to serialize and unserialize arrays in compressed data. The var_export function was used in Better Array Storage to create a serialized version of the array which is compressed with zlib library functions.It decompresses the serialized array and uses the PHP eval function to restore the original array values to fulfill the goal of unserializing. The ...
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    Variable Length Coding can be used to compress and uncompress data using the variable length encoding. It can read a stream of data and pack it using an pure PHP implementation of the variable length encoding algorithm.Variable Length Coding can also do the opposite reading a variable length encoded stream of data and unpack it to restore the original uncompressed ...
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    To reduce the size of JPEG image file, usually the image is saved with lower quality compression factor. However, using this method does not guarantee that the size of the resulting image file will be smaller than a given size limit.JPEG Reducer tries different quality settings to determine the best compression ratio for reducing the file size to under a ...
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    The zoomed image is generated automatically and its size can be configured.There are a large number of options that can be set, but only four are mandatory for the class to work.- Cookies should be used to store the preference for maximum image dimension when clicking through a thumbnail. Therefore, the Go() function must be set before any headers have ...
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    CssMin is a PHP script for compressing CSS stylesheets and compacts a CSS file by removing all whitespace and comments. Empty blocks and empty declarations are also discarded. Functionality is left intact. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Version 3.0.1 will throw no more error messages via "trigger_error" by default.- Support for @-moz-keyframes / @-webkit-keyframes.- New ...
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    The Array Storage class can store and retrieve arrays in textual format with optional compression with the zlib PHP extension.Array Storage just converts array data into PHP code that would rebuild the array when run. Then it can compress the generated code so it can take less space to store for instance in a database BLOB field.
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    The PHP Compiler can parse one or more PHP source code files using the PHP tokenizer functions to remove comments and white space.The resulting code can be compressed using gzip before The PHP Compiler generates a self-extracting PHP script that decompresses the original obfuscated code.A hook can be called in order to obfuscate the source after compression.
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    ZipLib 2 can be used to pack multiple files to create a single compressed archive in the .ZIP format.ZipLib 2 is based on a library known as zip.lib.php. It was extended to make it more flexible adding features like adding files listed in an array.The data of the resulting .ZIP archive can be stored in a file of a given ...
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    PclZip can be used to create and extract ZIP compressed archives. It can create new ZIP archives from a given list files. It can also include and exclude whole directories from the list of files.PclZip can also list, extract, duplicate, merge, add or remove files from an existing ZIP archive.
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    A PHP Implementation of the TAR (Tape-Archive) Format most commonly used on UNIX Operating systems. TAR File Manager works on both Windows and UNIX for reading and writing TAR files.TAR File Manager even supports Gzipped TAR files if you have the ZLIB PHP module installed on your server!Key Features of TAR File Manager:- This class uses no external programs!!- Supports ...
  15. Zip and File Splitter
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    When a file is very large size it takes a lot of time to download. A common solution is to zip the file to make it smaller, but if it still too large to download, splitting the file in many pieces is often a better alternative solution.Zip and File Splitter can compress and split large files into smaller part files ...
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