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PHP Code Generator Script can be used to generate PHP script, HTML code automatically for easily realization of ORM, design patterns, etc.
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    Class Generator can be used to generate the code of object-relational mapping (ORM) classes to access MySQL database tables. It retrieves the list of fields of a given database table and generates classes with functions to create, retrieve, update and delete table records.This Generator contains a configurable interface and a reusable UI for generating different classes. Class Generator can also ...
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    dyn_php can be used to generate PHP code programmatically. Currently it can add scalar variable definitions, array variables and constants.When the code definition is done, dyn_php can save the generated code to a PHP file.
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    FuseBox Manager can be used to generate code for web applications that use the Fusebox architecture.FuseBox Manager parses Fusebox XML project definition files and generates PHP code of Web applications that will use the Fusebox run-time framework.
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    Code Map can be used to display information about the classes and PHP code structures used by a PHP script.Code Map can retrieve the list classes, constants, global functions and variables used by the current script. Then it can display each of the types of code structures as HTML lists.The listed classes and functions are presented with path of the ...
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    GenDummyClass can be used to generate the skeleton of class or interface based on an existing class.It uses the PHP 5 reflection API to retrieve the definition of the class to clone. It can also recursively find and generate the skeletons of the parent classes of the given class.The generated class skeletons are saved to given files.
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    PHP2HEX can be used to generate scripts to install PHP applications. It generate one script that can be extracted when it is executed in the installation target machine.PHP2HEX can include files and directories to copied to the installation directory. It can also include data to be stored in MySQL databases.Features of PHP2HEX:- Choice between installer layouts- Display a disclaimer- Protect ...
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    PHP MySQL class generator can be used to generate classes that wrap rows of MySQL database tables providing an object oriented interface to manipulate the table row data.PHP MySQL class generator generates getter and setter functions to access the table row column values as class variables. It also generates functions to insert, select, update and delete table row data.The generated ...
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    MyDBO Code Generator can be used to generate the code of classes to access MySQL database tables. It uses Smarty templates to generate all the code for the classes and other scripts.The generated classes perform the usual database access operations like establishing database connections and executing SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and delete SQL queries. The templates from which the code is ...
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    Code Generator can be used to generate classes that can be used access MySQL database table rows as objects. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table and generates a class with private variables with the names based on the database table fields.Code Generator also sets getter and setter functions for each of the variables. All ...
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    phpreports is a PHP report generator application that uses XML report layout files to generate PHP code and show a report.phpreports supports grouping, subgrouping, functions like sum(), avg(), min(), max() etc..
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    Generator of the code can generate scripts to present forms for manipulate MySQL database table records.It can retrieve the list of fields of a given MySQL database table to generate a PHP script that can execute SQL queries to insert, update or delete records of that table.
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    UML 2 Classes is an application that can be used to generate the code of classes from UML diagrams exported to files in OMG (Object Management Group) XMI standard format by CASE tools like Rational Rose, Umbrello, Poseidon, MagicDraw UML, ArgoUML, Oracle JDeveloper, etc..This application opens a GUI using PHP-Gtk from which the user can specify a XMI file with ...
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    PHP Class Generator isa PHP Class Generator that generates SQL and PHP classes from a XML-file.
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    PHP-Obfuscator is the tokenizer extension used to parse the PHP scripts. PHP-Obfuscator removes the comments from the script tokens list and generates the obfuscated version of the script. It is a free PHP code generator. It can also generate alternative versions of the script that uncompresses and decodes the code using the base64 algorithm. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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