PHP Clone Script

Free and open source PHP Clone scripts. These Clone scripts that mimic the functionalities of a given web site or web application in terms of design, features, or both. Make your own Facebook now!
  1. Puzzing Social
    429 total visits
    Puzzing social 4.0 is the new version of puzzle-show script. Puzzing social is not just a Pinterest clone, it also has many features that Pinterest doesn't have, like timeline home page. Puzzing social is almost the first script that can provide timeline feature. Features of Puzzing social:- Designed for medium or large traffic website, to establish a sharing community website.- ...
  2. Pinterest Clone Script
    1120 total visits
    Pintastic Clone script is the Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the marketPinterest is one of the most popular social networks these days.The platform allows its subscribers from around the world to categorize links and files they consider interesting, and then share them with friends and followers far and wide across the globe - a feature that turns the website ...
  3. Groupon Clone Script Enterprise
    756 total visits
    Your perfect solution to start your own site. Groupon Clone Enterprise has been run on award winning Group buying site and real businesses and what's more the software is highly scalable and at an affordable price!Main features includes:- Mobile plugin allowing your users to check for deals using iphone as well as other mobile browsers.- FaceBook connect plugin, allowing ...
  4. Fiverr Clone Script Enterprise
    622 total visits
    Start your own site with Fiverr Clone Script Enterprise now and ride on the emerging trend of microwork outsourcing. The Fiverr Clone Script is highly robust and feature-pack yet easy to use for both admin and your users. What sets us apart from other Fiverr apps is not only the amazingly low price but as well as the scalability ...
  5. No Screenshot
    216 total visits is quickly becoming the most widely used file sharing site on the internet. This Clone will allow you to compete with a nearly identical script and layout. YouSendIt Clone script also features a fully functional administration panel and an area to place banners and your Google adsense code for revenue.YouSendIt Clone is almost exactly like the popular services ...
  6. phpEquations
    174 total visits
    This is a self-contained PHP script for calculating mathematical equations via PHP code alone, without any dependency on external libraries or softwareThis small script is a life-saver for developers that have problems solving math equations.phpEquations lets the user input his equations and provides a matrix with the results.phpEquations can be used in engineering, applied sciences and in the educational sector, ...
  7. No Screenshot
    202 total visits
    Ja2BU is an open source question and answer script written in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Features of Ja2BU: - SEO friendly url's - private message system - rating system- comments system.
  8. Gripsell™ Deals Market Place
    1420 total visits
    Gripsell™ [Grip-s-el] Script is a browser compatible PHP and MySQL based business enabler script that helps you start your own deals website quickly and easily, empowers you to set up, maintain an extensive and well organized coupon based business. Features of Gripsell™ Deals Market Place:- Ability to post new deals with the following info- Deal info- Stylish end date/time countdown- ...
  9. ImageShack Clone Script
    1304 total visits
    ImageShack Clone Script is a PHP script created to help you to set up your very own photo upload website, you can get users to register to your site, and upload their photos to your site, then you can set up adverts, to make money from your website.
  10. Rapidshare Clone Script
    3206 total visits
    Set up your very own file upload website with Rapidshare Clone Script, you can get users to upload their files to your site, and ask people to pay membership for faster download speeds, etc.. Installation: - edit config.php and set your own settings - upload all files and folders - CHMOD all of the .txt files to 777 - CHMOD ...
  11. No Screenshot
    5817 total visits
    Set up your very own auction website. This site allows you to start your own online auction service where users can bid, buy and sell their stuff. You can then set up adverts to start making money out of the website or charge commission for selling users stuff.
  12. No Screenshot
    2104 total visits
    Set up your very own community answers service with Free Yahoo Answers Clone Script, you can attract visitors to your site, by answering other members questions about different topics. You can set up adverts on your website to make lots of money.
  13. No Screenshot
    3944 total visits
    YouTube Clone Script is YouTube Video Website Generator In A Box... Start up your own clone site. Users can upload videos to your YouTube clone site. Make money with Adverts. 30 Second YouTube Clone Script Install. Features of YouTube Clone Script:- EASY HTML EDITING, - NO KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!!
  14. Adshort Lite - Adfly Clone
    672 total visits
    Adshort Lite is a unique adfly clone script. It's a script that will get you in front of your competitors in no timeFeatures of Adshort Lite:- Professional and well structered design- Easy language file that can be translated- Super Fast and easy to use Admin Panel- Cheat protection- Spam Protection- Pay and get paid with Paypal & Alertpay- Shortened URL ...
  15. Couponic - Groupon Clone - Group Buying Script - Daily Deal Software
    1262 total visits
    Don't miss an incredible opportunity to launch a groupon clone for a very reasonable price.Start your own group buying website TODAY with Couponic and forget about high development costs and technical maintenance.Just safely focus on YOUR business and let us take care of the rest!Key features of Couponic:- FULL source code (no encryption)- easy-to-use installer- powerful admin console- deals creation ...
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