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Free and open source PHP Chat Scripts. These Chat Scripts bring you a easy way to make a chat room, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat or Video Chat Scripts.
  1. Waterfall Chat
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    Waterfall Chat can be used to add a social networking aspect to your website that eveyone can benefit from. The chat room uses a text file for storing recent messages and also keeps transcript logs in a separate file. You are free to make changes to the code and use it on your website however you please. Installation is painless, ...
  2. ChatPad
    861 total visits
    ChatPat is a free and easy PHP Chat script for website. It is compatible with any websites and any modern web browsers and at the same time does not load anything than simple HTML.ChatPat is elegant and powerful PHP/MySQL based tool allows four different modes; from standard registration, to requiring only username selection or integration with existing membership system like ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Minichatbox is a small and lightweight chat utility built with PHP. Chat data is saved in a locally stored HTML file. The chat box runs only on a web server.Features of MiniChatbox:- Free PHP Chatbox- Allows the use of emoticons- 'b' and 'i' HTML tags can be used in text- In built filter keeps your chatbox clean- Compact and easy ...
  4. Chat box
    1401 total visits
    This is a PHP chat-box with intergrated spam protection. It is a free PHP chat scripts. It support smilies / multiple languages and can be used with or without a MySQL database.What'new of this latest version:- Added patch for possible XSS.
  5. No Screenshot
    1197 total visits
    wTag is a shoutbox(chatbox or mini chat) that is written in JavaScript and PHP, and using Ajax to exchange data with the server without need to reload an entire page.Features of wTag:- It uses MySQL database as backend.- CSS based drop-down smileys menu. You have the option to enable/disable the display of smileys and smileys menu.- Anti-spam filter: blocks messages ...
  6. YMSG
    1168 total visits
    This is a free PHP Chat script that can be used to send messages and manage Yahoo messenger accounts.It can connect to an Yahoo Messenger server, authenticate as a given user and perform several types of operations on behalf of that user.Currently it can get the user buddy list, add a new buddy, deny a new buddy request, send a ...
  7. APC Chatt
    380 total visits
    APC_Chatt is a PHP chat script to implement a chat system that uses a PHP cache to store chat state. Developers can manage multiple rooms at once, with multiple chat users. Information about the rooms and users is stored using a cache system like eAccelerator, APC, MemCache or XCache.This script can also add or remove rooms, users and send messages ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1388 total visits
    bmShoutCastInfo can be used to retrieve status information from Shoutcast audio streaming servers. It can access the statistics Web server, authenticate as administrator, retrieve and parse the statistics information in XML format.bmShoutCastInfo can extract several types of statistics information like: the current listeners, peak listeners, max listeners, reported listeners, average time, server genre, server title, song title, song title, station ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1736 total visits
    AIM Status is created to determine whether an AOL Instant Messenger user is online or not. This PHP script uses the Curl library to connect an Aol web server and query the status of a given AIM user, and then returns if the user is online, or false otherwise.Currently, an usage example script is included with a couple of images ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    Yahoo Messenger PM send via PHP can be used to send instant messages to Yahoo messenger users. It connects to Yahoo messenger Web site server and authenticates as a given user.Yahoo Messenger PM send via PHP can send a given messenger to another user.
  11. No Screenshot
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    Yahoo Messenger Emoticons can be used to replace text that represent smiley expressions by Yahoo messenger icons.Yahoo Messenger Emoticons takes a text string eventually with smileys and replaces them by HTML images of smiley icons used by Yahoo messenger.
  12. No Screenshot
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    checkIM uses the Curl extension to retrieve a page of a Web server of Chris Searle and obtain the online status of users of MSN, Skype, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo messengers.The contents of the retrieved page is parsed and a boolean value is returned in order to tell whether the checked users is online.Requirements:PHP 4.1 or higher
  13. No Screenshot
    2015 total visits
    MezzengerKlient is a simple open source PHP class for making MSN Messenger bots and web-messengers. MezzengerKlient uses Object Oriented Programming, with the use of Events, for handling and processing the actions made in the Notification Session and SwitchBoard sessions. It uses the MSNP9 protocol. It is recommended for any PHP developer that wants to make a MSN Messenger bot application, ...
  14. No Screenshot
    732 total visits
    Micro Chat is a simple based chat script with very easy installation. The script is designed for smaller traffic and so no database is required. You only need to upload the files and the script works fine. The look and feel is easy editable via CSS.
  15. No Screenshot
    4000 total visits
    Facebook Chat is a PHP Chat script designed to send chat messages to friend in Facebook much easier. It will send a request authenticate on behalf of a given Facebook user. This script can retrieve the list of friends and send a chat message to a friend that is online.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher
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